25.02.2024 Feature Article

Mahama will bring together thinkers but not ‘warmers’ of positions in his next government

Mahama will bring together thinkers but not warmers of positions in his next government
25.02.2024 LISTEN

I am certain that former President Mahama will not only return to the Flagstaff House with his rich experience in governance but also with a team which will be made of 'thinkers' but not ‘warmers’ of positions in various ministries and governmental institutions to reset and revamp the economic, social, and environmental sectors of our troubled nation under the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia-led regime.

I hereby refer to ‘thinkers’ as those Ghanaian men and women with deep thoughts, understanding of issues and people-oriented in Mahama’s team and ‘warmers’ as those who may be sleeping on the job and cause crisis.

Unlike President Akufo-Addo who depended highly on his nepotistic government, Mr. Mahama will ensure that he leaves behind a durable legacy that will be well remembered for his visionary and transformative development agenda in the political history of our beloved nation after the expiration of his second term in 2028.

Undoubtedly, former President Mahama has gone through deep self-introspection outside of government for almost eight years coupled with his enormous political experience to successfully complete his unfinished business of building the needed infrastructure for accelerated national development.

For instance, President Mahama’s track record of developmental projects in the sectors of health, education, and general infrastructure has qualified him as the ‘Nation Builder’ which cannot be over-emphasized.

Mr. Mahama has also demonstrated spirited fight against corruption even among his own Party members and was honest with Ghanaians on the dire ‘dumsor’ (light off and on) situation then and solved the energy crisis before leaving office in 2016 as well as avoided depletion of the national purse for purposes of elections.

A good leader surrounds himself or herself with a great team to provide support and conduct their stipulated duties and responsibilities to achieve a common goal. One of the roles of a good leader is to inspire and give crystal clear direction to a great team to deliver great results. A leader is also someone who can use a combination of leadership styles, be it visionary, charismatic, transformational, and democratic styles of leadership coupled with rare traits.

Former President Mahama has been cut for this huge responsibility and a lean team to help him deliver on the vision of the NDC Party to create sustainable jobs and build the Ghana we all want.

Thus, former President Mahama has not only become wiser and more decerning after being out of government eight years ago but also reflected deeply on his approach to turning around the dire current economic, social, and environmental conditions under this current Akufo-Addo-Bawumia-led government when is voted into power in 2024.

The previous leadership track record of former President Mahama is not in doubt, and he is the right leader to form the next government with a team of thinkers who will ensure that the ‘better Ghana agenda’ is realized and delivered to all Ghanaians but not to the privileged few in society.

Ghana will need an experienced, visionary, and all-inclusive leader to bring on board all available natural and human resources of our nation to rebuild the country.

Former President Mahama, the Flagbearer of the NDC Party is, thus, the right person to turn things around and bring the real change in governance which Ghana badly needs now. Ghanaians should not only loudly voice and vote out this insensitive Akufo-Addo-Bawumia-led government but also massively endorsed Mahama as the next President of Ghana.