21.02.2024 Health

Ashanti region leads high maternal mortality rates in Ghana - Prof Poku Sampene

By Francis Appiah || Contributor
Ashanti region leads high maternal mortality rates in Ghana - Prof Poku Sampene
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Prof. Paul Poku Sampene Ossei, Consultant Histo and Forensic Pathologist has revealed that the regions with the highest maternal mortality rates in Ghana currently are Ashanti, Eastern, Western, Western North, and Eastern.

In an interview on Otec FM's morning show "Nyansapo" with host Captain Koda, Prof. Ossei attributed these alarming mortality rates to illegal economic activities, particularly surface mining operations, that contaminate food, water, and air in these areas.

Prof. Ossei emphasized that these illegal mining operations are polluting essential resources, thereby increasing the risk of both communicable and non-communicable diseases and consequently leading to a rise in deaths.

"These factors significantly impact mortality rates as they are the underlying cause of numerous illnesses, including cancer, HIV, malaria, stroke, hypertension, and tuberculosis," he explained.

Calling for urgent government intervention, Prof. Ossei urged authorities to halt unlawful environmental activities to curb the escalating death toll in affected regions.

"The government must intensify efforts to crack down on illegal mining operations along water bodies and forests to prevent the use of chemical poisons that jeopardize people's health," he emphasized.

Furthermore, Prof. Ossei advocated for the construction of additional healthcare facilities equipped with modern equipment and medications. He also stressed the need to recruit more doctors to address the healthcare needs of affected communities effectively.

In addition to government action, Prof. Ossei advised the public to prioritize regular visits to medical facilities for health check-ups and medical guidance to safeguard their well-being.

As Ghana grapples with escalating mortality rates in certain regions, Prof. Ossei's warning underscores the urgent need for comprehensive measures to address the root causes of these health challenges and protect the lives of citizens.