Stop Attacking God Sent Prophet Bawumia And Listen To Him For Common Sense And Let Us Scrap The Superfluous Office Of The Vice President

Features Stop Attacking God Sent Prophet Bawumia And Listen To Him For Common Sense And Let Us Scrap The Superfluous Office Of The Vice President
FEB 15, 2024 LISTEN

Dear Citizens,
I wish you are all fine and looking forward for a better future under the regime of either my dear brother His Excellency Former President Mahama or our younger brother, His Excellency Vice President Dr Bawumia (Prophet Bawumia).

Folks, I coined Dr Bawumia as a Prophet because his messages on National issues are always telling or loaded and need critical mind sets to decipher. So take time to read this very important submission for a better Ghana.

Folks, let me say that per the messages from the NDC and NPP on the other Party’s Candidate, they have presented us (the electorates) with two devils to elect in December 2024. So by their statement the better devil will be our President, since as proclaimed by former President Mahama, the winner is in the hands of God, because it is God who appoints a Leader, so members of NDC and members of NPP to keep on praying to God for their Candidate to emerge us our New President effective 07 January 2025.

Folks, ever since the person of His Excellency Vice President Dr Bawumia came to the limelight, he has been providing us vital national information on our economy and our Politics hence our Constitution, his we need to listen to his messages as stated by Mr Kofi Bentil and do sober reflection on them and not not the condemnations for us to build a better Ghana.

Through him, Dr Bawumia we have been reminded by Dr Afari Djan and the Supreme Court of Ghana sitting as a Constitutional Court (note there are differences between these two Courts but our Constitution merged the two for very good reasons) that by Constitutional Provision at Article 49, one can only win an election at Pooling Stations with the declaration on the pink sheet as the documentary evidence and not by legal gymnastic of the best lawyers in the Country or the World.

So, NDC and NPP to serious take note that no pink sheet, do not waste of ears and time to go to Court to challenge the validity of an election. The Affected Party may use legal gymnastic to cancel the whole result or Election if the laid down regulation not followed and or the process was not free and fair and call for rerun but a pink sheet declaration is the only way, the Constitutional Court can help to determine a Winner. Thanks to Dr Bawumia for you and me were not there message in our political jargon or lexicon.

It is true today and true tomorrow that if the economic fundamentals are weak, the exchange rate as one of the variables in the determination of macroeconomic fundamentals will expose you this is a simple arithmetic. Hence we need to work hard to improve our economic fundamentals through massive production for more exports to earn more dollars through sound Agric sector to be driven by sound agro industries, a policy of eat and use or wear Ghana produces and the introduction of import substitution to give good market to local produce. So though some members of GUTA must be commended for good work, but GUTA should not be given the chance to turn Ghana to a global warehouse for dumping of goods.

Prophet Bawumia is right, the post of the Vice President is designated as a Driver mate, by simple logic or common sense interpretation of the Constitutional Intention of the framers of the 1992 Constitution for coming out with Article 57 and Article 58, that both Civil power and Military power are vested in the President of Ghana currently Nana Addo as President/ Head of State/ Head of Government/Head of National Executive and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces (all national armed elements hence the Police etc).

Thus as far as the 1992 Constitution is concerned Presidential powers of Ghana, hence the Sovereign Executive Authority of Ghana is currently vested in President Nana Addo. He does not share it with the Vice President as Co-President, co-pilot or Co-driver or Spare driver. Note a spare driver, shares the driving of the vehicle with the driver since he shares executive powers with his fellow driver. The President is assisted by the Cabinet to determine the general policy of government and as stated National or Constitutional Executive Powers is exercised exclusively by the President, currently His Excellency Mr Nana Addo.

A Country normally has two sectors namely the Civil and Military. It is Mr Nana Addo and not Dr Bawumia, who is empowered to exercise Military Authority and Civil Executive Authority either directly or through subordinates like the CDS/Service Commanders and Ministers including key Offices like the Minister of Finance, Minister of Trade and Industries, Minister of Agric etc respectively. So Vice President post by the Constitution of Ghana is designated as a driver mate or Spare tire in the boot for use later.

Hmm, Our Constitution has granted the power of the Sword (Military control0, the power of purse (budget preparation and spending), the power of appointment (power of patronage) and the power of initiating the making of laws or legislation to the President of Ghana. Note no legislation with financial implication for the Consolidated Fund or other Public Fund may be introduced in Parliament except by or on the behalf of the President. It is the President through the Cabinet that initiate all legislation bill in Parliament.

Our Political System has also reduced Parliament to a football field where the President as Leader of the Political Party or the Chairman of an Opposition Party can extend his or her tentacles like an octopus to nominate players herein the leadership or the Majority and Minority respectively. So the VP is a Spectator.

So, Prophet Bawumia message to us was/is that he has done his best for Ghana as a loyal VP, who can only advise the President for harmony and stability of Ghana due to Constitutional provisions, worsened by the amendment in 1996 by Parliament of Ghana and thus placed the VP as a driver mate, to me I will say the VP is reduced to a spectator or spare tire.

Folks, you need to be reminded that the Parliament of Ghana under the NDC Regime of President Rawlings in 1996, actually confirmed the driver mate status of the Vice President if not a Spectator with the Constitutional amendment 1996 (Act 527) and stripped naked the Vice President of Ghana and removed his or her Constitutional functions as granted by the framers of the Constitution to the Vice President.

Parliament of Ghana in 1996 (Ghana’s problem) thus granted the Executive President of Ghana the lucrative chance or liberty to nominate anyone to perform the function as the Chairpersons of the Police Council, the Defence Council and the Prison Council, thus further weakened the status of the Vice President of Ghana to that of a driver Mate and not a spare driver or co driver as suggested by others.

You will agree with me by the Amendment of the Constitution in 1996 and the message of Prophet Bawumia, the Office of the Vice President has been reduced to a superfluous Office (reason why VP Mahama wanted to resign under the regime of President Mills and VP Dr Amissah Arthur also attempted to resign in the regime of President Mahama because they were Spectators and not spare drivers who could marshal courage to challenge his fellow driver if there was a Constitutional provision), so you will agree with me that the Office of the VP should be abolished to save cost.

Hmm, furthermore, President Nana Addo unknowingly or knowingly or cunningly appointed a Senior Minister (same as Prime Minister as first Minister among equals) namely Hon Mr Osafo Marfo, the appointment of Senior Economy Adviser to the President in the person of the late Dr Akoto as well as the Constitutional role as economy management team granted to the National Development Planning Commission (pseudo Ministry of Economy Planning) at Article 86 and 87 and chaired by an astute Economist with the Governor of Bank of Ghana, Government Statistician, the Minister of Finance as some of the members makes the any other Economy Management Team superfluous or the Finance Manager is not required to take or accept constitutional advice on economy matters from the Vice President.

Hmm the end result is a confusion galore in the management of the economy. So the Vice President of Ghana is designated as a Driver Mate (bus conductor) and not a co-driver or spare driver as in Nana Akomea’s STC Bus.

Hence. any intelligent person can see the difficult positions His Excellency President Nana Addo put his two brothers namely Dr Bawumia as the Vice President and Hon Ofori Atta as the Finance Minister. Thus any reasonable person can tell that the VP Post has been reduced to a Spectator, so Dr Bawumia was only diplomatic when he said he was/is a driver mate by our Constitutional architecture.

By our Constitution, an illiterate can be elected as a President or appointed as VP. Also by Constitutional provision or to win vote, we have also introduced a system in our politics by the criteria for the selection of a Vice President to be based on Regional balance and not on the basis of managerial credentials or ability to perform but ability to entice more votes. Hence, Presidential Candidate Mahama and Presidential Candidate Dr Bawumia have been nightmare moments or a serious burden of limiting their VP nominees to who in the Ashanti Region in NDC and NPP can attract massive votes respectively.

The situations have stated above have made the Office of the Vice President as a superfluous Office, thus suggest that we amend the Constitution to abolish the Office of the VP and give the President the option of selecting one of the cabinet Ministers or the Senior Minister to act when he not able to perform his or her function otherwise the cabinet to do so as in the Constitution of South Africa.