19.01.2024 Editorial

Genesis Of Sakawa Sod-Cutting

John Mahama John Mahama
19.01.2024 LISTEN

It should be crystal clear to Ghanaians, especially the voters that this year’s elections will be about NDC lies and the records of the NPP.

The NDC knows that when it comes to the achievements, they have little to show to the people hence their resorting to propaganda and invocation of “spirits” to gain loyalty.

Listen to the pot calling the kettle black and in this instance cautioning Ghanaians to be wary of NPP “sakawa” projects.

Unfortunately, the NDC has forgotten so soon that John Mahama in 2016, then President and presidential candidate of the NDC had in his convoy a V8 that carried all kinds of digging implements for sod-cutting across the country.

Today, the NDC has the effrontery to caution the people against jubilating over sod-cutting this year because they are phony enterprises to win votes.

Since when did the NDC wake up from its slumber to realise that what John Mahama did in 2012 and 2016 were scams? The NDC must see Ghanaians as more discerning people and stop throwing dust into their eyes. It would not wash in 2024 as Ghanaians want to follow the political party with a platform to advance development in continuity.

The NDC now believes in politics of war, particularly encouraged by the call to arms by John Mahama. In his famous statement, “I want to sound a caution that the NDC has a revolutionary root and when it comes to unleashing violence no one can beat us to that.”

Such an irresponsible and divisive statement coming from a former President who is seeking another mandate to rule. Elsewhere in more advanced democracy, John Mahama would find it difficult to defend this position and yet the commentators are not demanding an apology from him.

We said it before, and we repeat, a fish starts rotting from the head, and if this is the way John Mahama looks at politics then God help Ghana.

Now what we see all over the place is the rehearsal of violence among themselves, which came to a head with the assault on the Northern Regional Treasurer of the NDC.

We remember the “war” among NDC youth in Cape Coast during their youth and women’s conference. The NDC is warned that elections are not about cutting heads as advocated by Mustapha Gbande, but a peaceful exercise to cast votes to make choices.

We are very clear in our minds that NDC’s war drums would not be made to sound before, during and after the December 7 polls. NDC would not and cannot beat the drums of war in the country because politics is about ideas and not war.

We are interested in the concerns raised by the maternal family of the late President John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills about the autopsy report. Should this be a challenge when ordinary people have access to autopsy reports of their deceased relatives, let alone a President of the Republic? Perhaps those at the helm of affairs at the time of his demise have something to hide.

Source: Daily Guide