Wednesday: Fuel prices remain stable as major oil companies hold rates

Commodity News Wednesday: Fuel prices remain stable as major oil companies hold rates

Fuel prices at the pumps have seen no change for the past days, according to the latest pricing data from CediRates, Ghana's leading fuel price monitoring portal.

Three of the big oil marketing companies - Goil, Shell and Total - continue to sell petrol at GH¢12.80 per litre and diesel at GH¢13.30 per litre across their various outlets nationwide.

Premium motor spirit (PMS) is also being maintained at GH¢12.80, GH¢14.20 and GH¢14.29 per litre respectively by these major players.

Other fuel stations like Puma, JP, Petrosol and Unicorn are holding their rates within the GH¢11.66 and GH¢12.98 range for both petrol and diesel.

Independent petroleum marketers Benab, Zen and Viggo Energy are sustaining competitive prices, supplying petrol and diesel between GH¢11.66 to GH¢11.79 per litre.

This price stability comes as a relief for motorists and the transport sector, who have been feeling the pinch of high operational costs.

Whether this stability holds into the new year depends on global fuel market trends.

Isaac Donkor Distinguished
Isaac Donkor Distinguished

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