Social capital: Keeping relationship is key to ensuring wealth creation, longevity — Archbishop Duncan-Williams

Headlines Social capital: Keeping relationship is key to ensuring wealth creation, longevity — Archbishop Duncan-Williams

Nicholas Duncan-Williams, the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International (ACI) Ministry has admonished his congregants on the essence of maintaining relationships.

According to him, a strong relationship is the tree upon which money and longevity grow.

Delivering a sermon in a video that has gone viral and posted on FA Boateng's Facebook wall, the renowned man of God encouraged his congregants to value the relationships they have built with others over money.

"A lot of people value money and success than relationships. But, there comes a time and a moment in all of our lives when money and what you call success fails; and the only thing that works is the relationship you've taken time to build and protect over the years", he highlighted.

Expatiating further on the merits of building and maintaining relationships, he narrated an instance where a Pastor of a church in Geneva was having frequent confrontations with Bishop Dag Hward-Mills.

According to him, his attempt to solve the impasse yielded no result.

"I had to cut ties and dissociate my name from the church and release it to the pastor. I then called Bishop Dag and informed him that the church no longer belongs to me and if anything happens between that church and your church, I'm no longer involved. The reason I don't have a church in Geneva", he shared.

He stressed that the relationship he had with Bishop Dag was far more important to him than owning a mega church in Geneva.

He revealed that one of the main reasons he doesn't have a branch of his church in Bolgatanga is because of Pastor Eastwood Anaba who has established and grown his church in that area.

According to him, that is the essence of a relationship. He added that it's not advisable to engage in things that can create conflicts.

"If I tell you the levels of betrayals and disappointments that I've been and had, I wouldn't be standing here and preaching to you. I've learnt not to dwell on my past and you must makeup your mind that whatever has happened to you; the blessings of the future, the glory of tomorrow cannot be compared to the embarrassment, the setbacks, the errors or the defeats or the failures of yesterday," he stressed.

"It is always advisable to maintain the relationships you built because the essence of life is the building and maintenance of social capital," he emphasised.

DC Kwame Kwakye
DC Kwame Kwakye

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