Letter to Kennedy Agyapong

By Derrick Amoah
Letter Letter to Kennedy Agyapong
OCT 13, 2023 LISTEN

Dear Hon. Kennedy Agyapong,
I pen these words with fervent hope and unwavering faith in your leadership potential. As a Presidential aspirant and a man who has demonstrated a commitment to the values of the New Patriotic Party, you, in your essence, are the religion of hope for the oppressed creatures, the heart of the heartless world, and the soul of the soulless people.

Ghana, with its diverse regions, holds immense potential. I implore you to be the seamstress that stitches the North, East, and West to the South, East, and West. Make Ghana NEW with the North, East, and West and SEW Ghana with the South East, and West. Let us create a tapestry of unity and progress that transcends geographic boundaries, where every thread contributes to the strength of our nation.

Invoke the spirit of the late Jerry John Rawlings, a man who, with all his complexities, exemplified the unwavering love for Ghana. Much like him, lead with an unswerving commitment to the welfare of every Ghanaian. Put our citizens on their toes, not through fear, but through inspiration. Stir within them a sense of duty and belonging, the very essence that Jerry Rawlings instilled in our hearts.

Be the Trump of Ghana, not in terms of rhetoric, but in terms of determination. Embrace the vigor and audacity that will drive us forward. Have a presidential seat in the North, where you can witness firsthand the progress and development. Do not confine yourself to the four walls of an office; be a president of the people, for the people. Engage, empathize, and lead by example.

Ghana needs a leader who understands that our strength lies in our diversity, a leader who is willing to cross boundaries and unite regions. It is my belief that you can be that leader, that unifying force that steers us towards a brighter future.

In your hands, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong lies the power to reshape our nation. I beseech you to seize this opportunity to craft a new Ghana where every corner thrives and every citizen stands tall.

Yours in the hope of a united and prosperous Ghana,