Don’t be victims of “had I known” o ye Ghanaians, especially, the NPP delegates

Feature Article Dont be victims of had I known o ye Ghanaians, especially, the NPP delegates

Many a person may not know the value of what they have until they lose it, then they bite hard their finger in regret, saying, had I known. This has been the usual occurrence in the life of Ghanaians.

In order not to cause the biggest regret in our political Ghanaian life, I shall by this publication invite the NPP delegates going into the NPP flag bearer election on 4 November 2023, to elect a person who has practically demonstrated a proven resolve to get Ghana on to the right tracks to development.

Ghana’s foremost problem drawing her development back is the lack of strict enforcement of the laws. Once the obedience of the laws is stringently enforced, official corruption, malfeasance and all other forms of lawlessness and crimes as are visibly taking place in Ghana day in day out will be curtailed, if not become, the thing of the past.

Who among the four contestants, Dr Alhaji Mohamudu Bawumia, Kennedy Agyapong (Hon.), Dr Owusu Afriyie Akoto and Mr Addai Nimo, is best suited by his track record to honestly seriously be capable and able to enforce the laws to wane Ghanaians off their infatuation with lawlessness to end their addiction to official corruption, cronyism, malfeasance and commitment of crimes with impunity, the factors militating against the socio-economic advancement of Ghana?

Is it by far not Kennedy Agyapong (Hon.)?
As good as Dr Bawumia is, and concerned about the welfare of Ghana and Ghanaians hence enforcing the digitisation and digitalisation of Ghana, Kennedy is the man with the demonstrable ability to uproot the lawlessness, the root of all Ghana’s ills, from the country to put her on a sound footing to development.

Kennedy is honest, patriotic and visionary. He cares about Ghana and Ghanaians and has demonstrated these qualities both in his private and public life time after time.

Who among the four contestants cares about, and fights for the interests of you the NPP delegates, more than Kennedy? Just tell me.

Much as Dr Bawumia and all the other two may care about Ghana, that of Kennedy surpasses all of them.

At this moment of the world facing economic crises and Ghana water bodies, arable and fertile lands and forests come under unprecedented devastation, it only takes a man with the masterplan and clout to put an end to that gargantuan destruction. And, who is such a man among the four?

In my candid opinion, it is nobody other than Kennedy Agyapong.

The NPP delegates and the Ghanaian electorate should not allow themselves to be blinded or fooled by tribalism, petty ignorance and deception to vote otherwise or else, they will regret, only to painfully bite their fingers in “had I known”, but which is always at last.

Every season and their own problems and solutions. This season calls for a more radical far-sighted person who is honest, pragmatic, patriotic, believer in meritocracy to awarding official positions and speaks for the poor suffering masses and concerned about their welfare, to become not only the flag bearer-cum-presidential-candidate of NPP but the president of Ghana come election 2024.

The person among the four with the spelt out qualities is Kennedy Agyapong (Hon.), that Assin Dompim man coming from a humble background.

NPP delegates, please go into the election with your head but not heart. Think about the future but not only what you can get today, although many a Ghanaian thinks about what they can enjoy today but not tomorrow.

“The heart can be idealistic, yet it can also be naive, casting off rational thinking. Your head can anticipate consequences that your heart may miss or minimize. Logical thought and perspective can alert you to unwise risks, protecting you from possible harm”. This is why I am advising the NPP delegates and Ghanaian electorate to go into election with their head but not heart.

Let us give the businessman a chance to save Ghana.

I want a team comprising Kennedy Agyapong, Dr Alhaji Mohamudu Bawumia, Dr Kwabena Duffour and IGP Dr George Akuffo Dampare with Kennedy as head to rule Ghana come election 2024.

A word to the wise is enough.