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13.03.2007 Feature Article

Homosexuality, violating the right of nature

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Today, please permit me to state my conclusion before introducing an argument: I support Nigeria's effort to prevent the 'disease of homosexuality' from its society, and I think Ghana must take a cue immediately.

Already, some groups are talking loud about rights etc, and I respect rights, but…

Human Rights Watch says the Nigeria's proposed law "would infringe on the right to privacy, and would strike at the fundamental freedoms enjoyed by all individuals in Nigeria's long-vigorous civil society."

Fundamental human rights are essential for the health of every community; freedom of speech, education, privacy, religion etc. however human rights do not mean that society should allow people to change the natural order of life.

Just for one minute, put religion aside and look at the situation logically. Why must men have sex with women to be able to have children? If it was normal for men to have sex with women or women to have sex with men, then by nature there should be a basis for reproduction among same sex. Because it is not possible, homosexuality cannot be a normal condition.

What do you think will happen to a society that has its members being gay; continuity of human existence will be threatened should the practice develop. And the threat to develop and spread will persist should we embrace it and accept into the natural scheme of things.

In my sociological research, I agree with the theory that an amount of coercion is necessary for every society. For instance, Kwame Nkrumah deemed it necessary to stub out multi-party politics due to the circumstances at the time.

Of course it could be true that he had ulterior motives for that action, but it helped the country to stabilize itself then. Today, such an action will not work because the environment is different and chaos is absent.

Similarly, Rawlings' toughness and actions was a necessary evil at the time which helped the PNDC government to implement its Programs and ensure a long period of stability in Ghana. Then again, dictatorship is not needed in today's Ghana.
Thus, to ensure that its society does not become a victim like America, Nigeria is using force to control gay marriages. America is a sick society today because of overindulgence in 'freedom and liberty'.

In the quest to promote a free society, they forget that there is a limit to everything, even freedom. Is it not a violation of human rights to allow children to be exposed to a gay environment? Is it not a violation of nature for society to allow its members to engage in same sex marriages?

America listened to such talks made by human rights groups like 'Human Rights Watch' and today, look at their society; whoever thought that humanity will get to a stage where you will see two men getting married!

Africa should not succumb to overindulgence in human rights as western nations and South Africa has done; what we have to do is find a way of addressing a human disorder; something that the so-called advanced Western countries should have done. If we do not, a time will come when people will consider human beings having sex with animals to be normal. And believe it or not, human rights group will still protest any attempt to fight this practice.

You may accuse me of being subjective for saying that homosexuality is abnormal but some thirty years ago, American physiologists held the view that it was a mental disorder until recent criticisms made them reject this stance.

Arguments that homosexuality is normal: Davidson, '76 and others held that homosexuals do not in fact suffer from more mental illness than heterosexuals. The families of homosexuals also do not seem to differ in significant ways from those of heterosexuals. The psychological problems suffered by homosexuals may be caused instead by the prejudices and discrimination they meet. Human behavior according to the proponents of this argument continues, is infinitely variable. There is no rational or scientific reason to see homosexuality as abnormal, it is merely a value judgment, they say.

Those who hold the view that homosexuality is abnormal. E.g. Bieber, '76 say they have identified abnormal patterns of upbringing and relationships that seem to lead to homosexuality. Homosexuality is thus said to be the result of disturbed early experiences, including poor family life (e.g. for men - extremely poor father-son relationships and an overly involved mother) and poor relationships with same-sex peers. Psychoanalytic theorists suggest that these experiences caused the homosexual to be afraid of heterosexuality, so they become homosexual as a means of denying their fear of same-sex peers.

Dealing with the gay issue
Western culture has rejected any attempt to deal with this gay matter as a medical condition and as such, the uncertainty by mainstream citizens to deal with gays has resulted in human abuse. If society can begin to research into the situation better and support the fact that homosexuality is not a normal condition then there will be a better way to solve it. A problem identified means a problem with a solution in sight.

The fact that Africa has refused to recognize the gay issue means that our society holds the view that it is abnormal and in fact it is a taboo to be homosexual in Africa. Perhaps this is one cultural change that Africa is refusing to accept from European countries.

But this does not mean that people are not practicing it. What do we do with the gays that we have in the system?

Esenam Dumenu
Esenam Dumenu, © 2007

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