The dishonesty of Ursula Owusu-Ekuful exposed by Cecilia Dapaah’s cash-hoarding saga

Feature Article The dishonesty of Ursula Owusu-Ekuful exposed by Cecilia Dapaahs cash-hoarding saga
AUG 2, 2023 LISTEN

The tough-talking Minister of Communications, Hon. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful has shown her dishonesty when it comes to her public utterances about the cash-hoarding saga of the outgone Sanitation and Water Resources Minister, Hon. Cecilia Abena Dapaah.

Before pointing out her gross dishonesty, Hon. Owusu-Ekuful made unparliamentary comments including insults, comparing the management of Ghana’s economy to her 18-year son during the erstwhile Mahama-led regime, and lately her outburst with Hon. Murtala Mohammed on the Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill debate on the floor of Parliament.

If you remember in July 2019, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful congratulates 'arrogant' Cecilia Dapaah for accusing Adom FM of sending an intern, Rahinatu Abdul Bach to have a telephone interview with her.

Despite the two female Ministers being public figures and paid by taxpayers, both of them saw the need to seriously complain about a harmless telephone interview with the former Sanitation and Water Resources Minister by an intern.

In 2013, the Deputy Minister of Communications, Hon. Victoria Hammah only dreamed of making $1 million in politics before quitting, which was captured on tape (‘Vicky leaks’).

Although former President Mahama sacked her regarding that leaked tape within 24 hours, Madam Ursula Owusu-Ekuful heavily chastised Ms. Hammah’s misbehavior, called for conducting a life audit on Ms. Hammah, and checking her bank balance as well.

In the embarrassing matter of the cash-hoarding by the politically experienced Madam Cecilia Dapaah, a Complainant turned Accused; Madam Owusu-Ekuful saw no wrong with that since she decided to be mute about it. In my latest publication last month June, I am of the strongest conviction that Hon. Cecilia Dapaah’s cash-hoarding saga under Akufo-Addo’s regime is the tip of the iceberg.

This Cecilia Dapaah’s cash-hoarding saga has undoubtedly created a heightened negative image for this Akufo-Addo-led government, considering the appalling economic conditions we are in now, i.e. piling of the national debt, weakened Ghana Cedi, unbearable inflation rate, and the callous implementation of the DDEP to satisfy a part of the conditionalities of the approved $3 billion IMF bailout.

The dishonesty of Madam Owusu-Ekuful is hugely exposed, as she has kept so mute now on Akufo-Addo’s appointee, Madam Dapaah who was literally hoarding $1 million and more at home and given several days to consider resigning.

In as much as the ‘Vicky leaks’ was largely condemnable and she was swiftly sacked by former President Mahama, Madam Owusu-Ekuful still asked for a life audit, and scrutiny of the bank balance of Ms. Hammah then.

If Owusu-Ekuful were not dishonest, why is she mute now on the cash-hoarding saga of $1 million by Madam Dapaah in her bedroom? Is Owusu-Ekuful still standing on the principle of life audit to be conducted on Cecilia Dapaah too as many Ghanaians are calling for after such revelation of massive cash-hoarding by her?

Back then, Owusu-Ekuful expressed her strong views on Ms. Hammah’s dismissal, which came within 24 hours after she was heard on tape dreaming to make $1 million in her political career in 2013. However, in the case of Dapaah’s realization of $1 million, while serving as a Minister too, Owusu-Akuful has now interestingly kept quiet about it. Is this not dishonesty on her part?

This Akufo-Addo regime has reflected poor leadership, leading to a preponderance of scandals recorded under this government. This particular regime has lost its moral right to make Ghanaians believe there is any hope left to fight corruption and nepotism in the last term of Nana Akufo-Addo and Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.