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Don't run away from Nogokpo!

Don't run away from Nogokpo!
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“Therefore, if Bishop Agyinasare decides to draw national attention to problems associated with the deities of Nogokpo, he must be bold to honor their invitation! If he is afraid, let him beg for mercy!”

By his looks, Archbishop Agyinasare doesn’t seem to be growing old enough. Good food, nice Ewe woman, relaxing pastoral experience, a holy regime of exercises, crowned with God's bountiful blessings have conspired to keep him young and buoyant, like fresh palm wine.

Some of the pastors in town "yombo" their hair indiscriminately in order to pretend to be young on the altar. You see patches of silver grey in their beard and wonder how the hair could remain shiny dark! But this man of God is different. He is proud of his silky grey hair, and buzzes in their wisdom.

Agyinasare is quite charismatic and unsparing too in his views, particularly those concerning the governance of this country. Not long ago, he was caught up in a national uproar when he crusaded against Akufo Addo's over-bloated government in the face of the country’s suffering masses.

He has also complained about government's handling of issues in the financial sector, and had gone to town on official corruption among politicians several times. He is quoted as having said in one of his famous diatribes: "If the king is naked but those around him keep telling him he is wearing a nice transparent garment, then Ghana is doomed as a nation."

Recently, the holy man of God extended his allegories to the Volta Region, particularly to the town and people of Nogokpo, referring to them in terms most Ghanaians technically already know about, except that no one has been able to officialize.

Nogokpo, in the Volta Region, is famous for its shrines. Indeed, it is a stronghold of cosmic influence in Ghana . That being an undeniable fact, what is new about the current rumpus is the holy

man’s description of Nogokpo as the headquarters of demonic activity in Ghana. He must have known the consequences of such a declaration, considering his position of fame and importance in our national life.

The man of God, no doubt, knows what he is talking about, because as a priest of the Most High God, he is familiar with God's divine secrets and needs not be apologetic in those revelations and inspirations.

Africa itself, is a kaleidoscope of deitism. We literally share our lives with deities through various social and religious ceremonies in life and in death. Our water bodies, streets, holy sites and most of our beautiful women bear their names.

We even baptize our children after them. Political leaders solicit blessings from deities for public office and consult them as if their very lives depend on their continuous support. So substantially ingrained in our social fabric are these deities that many communities talk and behave like them.

Therefore, if Bishop Agyinasare decides to draw national attention to the problems associated with the deities of Nogokpo, he must be bold to honor their invitation! He must not do a Jonah in Nineveh!

Prophets and evangelists do not normally run away from the people they are sent to. They meet them and speak to them as oracles of God. I agree with the people of Nogokpo that the Bishop's apology is not enough. God must have given him a message for Nogokpo and the people of the Volta Region and there is no better way to deliver the full package than in this highly anticipated 14-day ultimatum.

And significantly too, some hot prayer and fasting sessions have been initiated by the Archbishop’s church, probably to solidify him and ward off any projectiles and flying weapons from landing on target. Indeed, I will be very disappointed if the Archbishop takes no advantage of the invitation to manifest the wisdom of God to the principalities of the revered shrine.

Oh, how the spirit of Benson Ida Hosa would glory at such an open invitation! And Archbishop Agyinasare himself being a flagship product of the Idahosa Bible Institute ( he must take a cue from the man who cancelled an international conference of wizards and witches on national television in Benin City several years ago, and liberated the city.

Agyinasare must not disappoint the leaders and people of Nogokpo, Christians and members of his church by running away from their harmless invitation. The people of Nogokpo and the Volta Region in particular have their redemptive destiny in Ghana. Agyinasare can help to redefine it, if he really heard from God. Apology is not enough!

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