Ghana: Sale out of values due to poverty

Feature Article Ghana: Sale out of values due to poverty
MAR 28, 2023 LISTEN

The Vice President of the USA has touched Ghana's ground and emotions are boiling, Ghana's blood in the heat of the moment. The "moral" oppression with a big paycheck in her language is demanding of Ghana to accept LGBTW+ laws and end accepting homophobia in the nation to be uplifted to the community of white values created by democratic elected western leaders regardless of western nations' traditions and values.

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron demanded the same change of mind from former Ghana President Professor Atta Mills that refused any such idea as not in line with African tradition and values.

Unlike a King or a Dictator Presidents consistently must look for an ever wider spectrum of voters to stay in power and still be meaningful and not seen by history as a failure. Values do not matter to them but political tactics and opportunities do. They play the chessboard game with their nations and let their egos fly like an eagle. Even if cash does not always take their minds above their nations the golden feelings that power brings into their hearts is the blood they live by. This is no matter the political color they have tattooed on their foreheads.

In no population in which politicians changed the constitution any citizens were ever asked in a referendum about the value of this new form of marriage not language. This would have given the process and decision more fundamental credibility. Now as things had been decided only behind the scenes the real hearts and minds talk about being scared of forceful opposition and refusal reactions by the quiet masses. Others don't bother too much about the values of politics but go about their daily life as long as their lives are not negatively touched. Therefore it can only be speculated how many people in each western society truly accept same-sex marriages. The right time to ever find it out for the clarification of the issue has been missed but created a bittersweet taste.

Only a financially independent nation with great and strong values can withstand outside pressure but make its people happy. Poverty after 66 years of independence and the watery values Ghana has demonstrated on all levels of society during the past two and a half generations demonstrates the power of the country to stand up for itself or not in the end. Tribalism and Polygamy do not help to stand united as a nation against the outside forces that like in the darkest days of African history again show their faces and demands.

Wise African nations understand the light of the moment to demonstrate who they are on better grounds of values to make their nations strong, happy, proud, and be a raw model, a beacon of true humanity.