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Minimizing Food and Time Wastage, and Over Million Dollar Business for Me and/or You

Minimizing Food and Time Wastage, and Over Million Dollar Business for Me and/or You

There is lot of high quality food wastage in Africa+, sometimes due to lack of knowledge, right investment or partners, etc. Inefficient ways can be both destructive and wasting precious time that may have global ramifications. As such, it is paramount for caring folks around the world to join hands for humanity, without excluding animal needs. There are lot of trees that tend to produce more than Africa can consume in a season, but the increasingly western demand also do contribute to malnutrition and other ill factors against Africa, including our children. We will use the cashew tree as example due to limited time and space, but do understand that others exist . Many African children are failing exams, or under passing, partly due to spending too much time searching for cashew nuts or xyz to sell to westerners+, while under consuming the nuts. The pulp (fruit) aspect of cashew is largely wasted in many African countries. Since nature is largely kind, nothing is totally wasted, animals eat some or it decompose, but if man should consume more, then we should conscientiously seek more. Patiently read towards the end for the over million dollars business opportunity.

Ch. 55 told us , 'And We have spread the earth for creatures with spirits', so let us consume conscientiously, but we are the primary visible guardians of the earth. How many animals ever planted a cashew tree? They only shit and we use it as manure? Well, how many humans ever planted a cashew or xyz tree and consume how much of it before they consider sponsoring a tree, or support our 'over billion trees for Africa+'?

The Cashew Tree has lot of mysterious distribution+ I am discovering. The tree will flower in the millions, but only to produce thousands or tens of thousands of fruits depending on many factors. The birds are destructive, they enjoy the fruit (pulp) part, destroy some flowers, but nature forbid them the seeds for blacks+, or now for whites+ than blacks? Oh Jarga! Why are you racist, or are you trying to bring the races to conscientiously work together? When I was a child in Africa, there was less global trade, so we consume lot of cashew nuts, but were not smart enough to process in it in way to have the nuts year round. Because we were not selling to international demands, we did not waste time on cashews as many present African kids. Then I went to the west, I became like the bad or questionable westerners? Let's consume cashew nuts year round , care-less how it get to us against children who should study, care-less if elderly Africans or xyz consume enough of it, etc. I enjoyed my western cashew nuts year round and not sure if I should apologise, but gratitude and/or favor brought me back to Africa to learn and teach both Africans+ and westerners+? The good news is the Good Lord is revealing the solutions, but who will reject grateful partnership , education, and needed repentance? In Africa, poor Jarga cannot afford year round cashew nuts, but that is changing for Jarga and will He be indifferent to other poor Africans or educating his good western friends on how to improve each other under the Kind Lord?

Coming back to Africa was not enough, God had to send me to rural (country side) Africa to teach me and help me teach the world? I spent years in African towns and cities, but some-things you can only learn in rural life, village. I now live in a village, Jihnack Island, and life is sometimes very different, even though I did part of my childhood in rural Africa. It happens to be cashew season, so when I see African children roaming four to eight hours looking for cashew nuts to sell than consume, I wonder when will they study? Big problem! Should we blame their questionable parents, the local authorities, the consumers of their products, etc? Or should we find the possible solutions at national and/or international levels? I think it should not be hard to make a robot or drone (with AI) that can collect cashew seeds . Until then, we must have detailed annual messages to educate the masses . Seeds are not the only problem.

Premature and Inefficient harvesting of cashews badly affect many things. The word patience may have existed before the marvellous Quran, but ch. 103 shows us truth and patience are crucial in life. Me identifying the problems is about truth, suggesting solutions is about another part of Truth or efforts (learn and work), and patience have different levels in the solutions aspect. By just Patiently waiting for the air and birds (natural drones) to drop the cashews, we will safe time, minimise flower damage, and have better quality cashew seeds. How destructive are many African kids or should we blame the parents and government officials who refuse to educate them? Order and effective education are different . Humans are like animals until educated enough, so blessed is 'the Lord who teaches man what he never knew', and keep teaching man for what purpose? Will humans learn , teach, and work together, or be in arrogant indifference, as per ch.96?

Yes, we will need annual repeated messages, but can we work on more efficient ways of harvesting? Again, drones with AI may work on harvesting, and/or few drones with cameras per village can control the kids on when they can go to school, study, play games, or fetch things like cashew nuts. Beside man made robot or drones mimicking better than how birds drop the fruits, nature uses air; so special air guns or laser guns may work. When ripe, the weight and changes in what hold the fruit, we can make things to harvest in more efficient ways. Even African tech savvies should be able to research on such, but are there any world richest or brightest ready to help millions of Africans have more study time, have more food, reduce injuries, etc?

Our choices have ripple effects, so it is vital to choose in ways that will help us all. When the African child is losing precious study time to feed you enough cashew nuts, how can we share more efficient ways of harvesting and supply them chestnuts + In fair trade? When the African leaders refuse to share recommended amounts of daily food to avoid malnutrition, how will you be indifferent and pressure them where else? When the parents and government officials do not have minimal recommended study time, then failing can raise crime and even more global wars or refugee crisis for decades. The Paris climate change accord should have action oriented demands like planting over billion trees in Africa Within Five Years. Similarly in other continents. Although man made blessings are indeed crucial, nature remains our refuge and highest form of happiness. We must not plant just for present Africans, but for even unborn animals, and export how much? It requires maths. Over billion edible trees for over billion Africans is a good start, but may not be enough. How many billions of animals and humans around the world may want more than air from such trees? As much as I call for things like robots and drones for efficiency and higher yield, we need to plant lot more trees. May God bless us through Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.
Optional note:
In that one cashew tree, how will the Lord distribute among different creatures with spirits? It will create millions of flowers for bees, or will the leaves also reach million leaves? Beside the Bees , the goats+ may eat both the fresh leaves and flowers, but will they spare the fruits and/or nuts? Which animals like both the fresh and dried leaves, or why does it drop so much leaves every year? Then the birds like the fruit or pulp, but cannot access the nut, nor swallow it? But when the fruit drops, the goats+ may spare some or all of it, and the donkeys and cows will eat everything, only to excrete the nut for humans? So the plant farmer frowned at the cow owners, who let loose their cows and collect free nuts from the cow dunk? Or how precisely donkeys and horses use it, am yet to be sure? None of these animals can plant, water, or care for the cashew tree, so man can do one to ten percent, and God, the angels, and/ or nature does the rest? Although nature is good, but can be indeed destructive. The wind will destroy what percentage of the flowers, but how can that bother me when man destroy more flowers through impatience and inefficient ways of harvesting? If man cannot make what may reduce the wind to minimise destruction, then why should humans destroy lot more and refuse to learn? May be I should admit not all flowers were meant to bear fruit, but human choices may raise or reduce production up to ten percent.

In that one cashew tree, how will the Lord distribute among different creatures with spirits? Man can use the leaves as medicine or tea, but why s/he prefers man made medicine, or just lack knowledge and access? What precise chemicals are in the fresh young yellow to Terra green leaves versus dark green leaves, versus dry brown leaves? Remember the contents of leaves and even fruit may vary in the Gambia, Brazil, or even between Ghana and Nigeria as neighbors; so help every country research. The Africans may not research in details and will consume the leaves only when sick? The animals will consume it to prevent sickness or just for feeding and prevent sickness as spin-off? The fruit is so sweet, it can taste nicer than average sex, animal meat, alcohol, or the destructive porn I urge you to avoid... But why I or xyz refuse to introduce the good westerners to cashew juice+? May be they are excluded in the blessings until when or how can we prolong the lifespan? Although the juice is very nice, it ferments too quickly to become alcohol... So I need the chemicals to export it or even keep it long for myself and city folks. I lack the knowledge to make such chemicals, but who will join me on and beyond that? Children enjoy the fruit, but many African adults are expelled from the blessing until re-accepted or barely re-accepted? The fruit is largely for children and animals for now, and big chunk goes back to the soil as manure or semi-waste? Then comes the jewel call nuts, that part is exclusively for humans? Who was the first person to know how to use the nut, roast it? Oh, it is so nice, but the cashew season is just about three months? Can you think further how to have it year round? Will you allow the westerners to have it year round and you Africans eat very little of it, except your richest folks? Access have different levels, but once access is granted, almost anyone allowed can benefit varyingly. The Gray unprocessed nut is forbidden to many an animal, but the white nut inside can be shared with birds, and how many animals if we had enough of it? I am not angry that Whites+ eat it year round by spending around one day wage or xyz, but I am angry why Africans cannot calculate and negotiate? You cannot calculate how many trees you may need for Africans, animals, and fair exchange? Nuts for nuts, give me tons of chestnuts , almonds, etc or leave my cashew nuts with me? You do not want to barter, then should the price difference be five or ten percent? May be we need billion trees of chestnuts, Almond, etc, or why are they so expensive in Africa and only in city supermarkets? The price of chestnuts should never double that of cashew nuts. Ninety percent of western or xyz kids tasted cashew nuts, but less than twenty percent of African or xyz kids tasted chestnuts? Should I repeat western kids+ eat more cashew nuts than average African kids? How can I have fresh and dry cherries, blueberries, and other God made products in the west + means more to me than your man made things from around the world. Give one thousand African children and teenagers chestnuts versus mint and chewing gum to check preference, but educate where need be to choose beyond wants... May be because I am vegan or vegetarian, but marijuana offers some challenging tests. I know I can farm many of these for myself and my people, but even owning enough land is a problem. Lord, give me money or allow me to work for self than write, write, and write. Although I surely appreciate the knowledge you give me, but the people I share it with seem not to appreciate it or me. For the sake of the children and those who appreciate, please add enough actions, but never stop needed knowledge. I am confident some may act for self, but how little compare to those who need to?

Optional note 2:
Time and the contents of time between times and creatures: There was a time when adults were enslaved for adults, women, and children ? How and why do we have to enslave children for children, or even for adults? I saw a group of mainly white children studying about four to xyz hours daily, and playing organised games for fun or multi billion dollar industries. Then I saw a group of mainly black children working four to xyz hours to feed the white+ children with cashew nuts... No, please do not accuse me of trying to make you feel bad and I oppose boycott, it is girly, girly, who cut the boys in fear or arrogance until it was called boycott (boycut)? Verbal English transition differently to written English? Anyway, there was a time when good whites+ opposed slavery than some house Negroes, but where are the good whites of today who truly care and seek to partner with the best of blacks than questionable black politicians? Supremacy based on gender, race, or nationality with indifference until when? How can you see millions of children working inefficiently and studying little, and you refuse to speak up, echo, share, donate, team up to 'free a neck, free a neck, free a neck'? The time they spend looking down is about 30 or xyz seconds in waste, then one second to pick one cashew nut; the time they spend looking up to spot a cashew fruit is about 60 or xyz seconds in waste, then five seconds to harvest it and waste how much more flowers? So you see how the four or xyz hours of inefficient ways may yield about one to three dollars for a poor child, then spend one dollar on a western or Asian product who work harder or lot less, depending on many factors. So how many black Americans believe in national Supremacy or u.s interest over my rights to work, business opportunities, or someone being killed and hidden as 'classified information '? Or how many Black Africans in Africa are indifferent to the field Negroes in the country side, including children? Why is the human race so inconsiderate and even after sure knowledge reaches them? Why do we refuse to share enough intelligence, truth, or kindness? Enough! Is the standard, or who do you know does not value or share intelligence, truth, or kindness? Even in hell, they have some kindness, just too little. How many African girls+ versus western girls+ share post about pictures for Praises versus share intelligence or truth for kindness?

Belief is the first column of ch.103, but you can belief in good or bad. Even those who believe in God may have varying levels of belief. Some believe in God , but refuse the first commandment called learning (iqra) or which types of learning they exclude in fear or arrogance? Some belief in Marabouts or xyz than God and learning, or where do they spend their money and time most? I wonder what is culture without conscience, government or religion without conscience? The good deeds you were introduced to will eventually be contrasted with the good deeds they were introduced to. Then you will have to 'exhort each other to Truth and patience ' , including the conscience that is universal and taught by the universal God. Feel free to be indifferent, blame the parents or authorities, but the caring are making a difference through words and actions. If wishes you have, then refusing to share is a crime; if words you have, do not murmur or even praise me, but speak up publicly. If actions you have, then it starts with enough sharing, donating, planting trees, researching or donating to research teams, etc. When was the last time you urged for the children of the poor? My God is childless, I am childless, but why we seemingly love many children than their parents do? God and the human authorities may have more power than I do, but why do I care in gratitude or is it my punishment? God gives me knowledge and many smiles, but where is the power to effect enough changes and satisfy my riches from beautiful houses, personal gardens, and conscientious people around me? Part of me is in heaven and a part is in hell or low earth, but may total heaven be for me on earth and beyond.

Indeed I believe in culture of cameras than even fighting for personal rights, but I need millions of dollars or knowledgeable people as partners. The children of the village roam in the bushes without fear of rape or child molesters. At least they are luckier on that side than many western children, whose leaders refuse worldwide culture of cameras by civilians than governments. However, the African village children see animals having sex , listen to sexual music, and questionable movies; so which children may have sex around what age? Then ask how much dowry as 'brand new second hand'? Which cultures or species are best in character on sex, beyond so called kindness. It starts with sex or why are we tested with sexual animals? I have stopped eating goats, but they keep having sex and their babies come for my plants? Why do Asians, Africans, and westerners+ have children is known to God than claimed. How is also critical, how they treat their children varies. How much time , time, and time, plus money you want to spend on your children will meet God's standard or not? When and where do you want children, if any, considering the world beyond material gathering? We are emotional beings, will likely have sex, but our sexual options exist as favor, test, or curse? I prefer a live lovely partner than wet dream, but doubt if I want children. So the millions of women who want children may run from me, but are there millions who do not want children for good or bad reasons? I know some animals just do not have choice on sex. Rural life makes me see how animals seek or rape each other for humans to benefit? The chicken from rape we eat to influence us, how, sexually+? Do female+ meat eaters contribute to rape or do they indifferently claim animals are different like some Arabs and Whites women were to black rape victims? Indeed there were Arabs and Whites who never enslaved or raped blacks, so how can you assume guilt ? And there were/are blacks who were never enslaved or raped, so how can you claim victimhood? Humans will take a male horse to a female horse in force 'marriage' to have free worker? Cows have less sex in the day, some untied at night for possible sex, but male donkeys suffer big nasty kicks as dowry? First, I thought the female donkeys get tired of kicking to allow sex, but later learned the determined male bear kicks and bite her to submission at times. The female donkeys tend to have lot of tears from rape or human beatings? How were they to reincarnate as donkeys, or how will God judge humans who rape or support rape between humans or animals? So I still enjoy sex, but the sexual world seem very questionable. I do not like love to be begged females and know better than forcing, so finding a pretty conscientious lover is challenging, especially where women worship money like governments. Then their children suffer until a childless man keep asking the childless God to help at least the children. Where are the caring parents or adults without children who still care about children? To the rescue, I stand for conscientious sex or no sex.

Do plants have sex or suffer through sex? Like Mangoes, The Cashew is a winter plant. It consumes lot of water in the summer , but where does it hide it to produce enormous juice in the winter? A cashew tree will have thousands or tens of thousands of fruits with juice and one fruit can weigh up to 150 grams, so we are talking lot of juice? Or is the sun that transforms the dew of the mild winters or cold air to make so much juice? Like cashews, your choice may yield little today, but it may yield big tomorrow, in five years, or even up to life after death. Creation is the easiest aspect , especially for humans and animals. Beside sexual cruelty, how are humans versus animals on sexual lies or deceptions? How are the genders , races, tribes, on sexual choices? Your parents enjoyed sex to create you for good or bad reasons, with or without choice, but God and altruistic people like me may have to learn and work or you suffer , suffer, and suffer. So I think care is more in enough maintenance, not creation. Thanks to rape or many animals and humans may never exist, but may I live , not just exist.

Optional note 3:
Indeed there is the possibility of making million dollars through cashew juice, but I have something better to make over million dollars on. I need about hundred thousand dollars and we can be partners in a legal business . The agreement will promise at least million dollars within three years, or the penalties will be spelled out. The probabilities are within a year, but security and the nature of business demand I give lot of time. So if you do not have such money, then share for commission if you are mentioned as medium. Please do not bother me unless you are a serious partner with enough money. The reason of sharing this marvellous article should be way beyond money, because we truly do not study the different types of harm some of our ways are in Africa +, and the consequences. .

Although we have focused on the solutions than the problems, our old and present ways are very problematic. The children throw stones to bring down cashew+. Throwing is very unsafe, and we should be severely punishing children+ who throw stones in our age. People get hurt then and now. The human body is too fragile and I remember hurting my cousin through throwing stones to get mango. My gratitude must include how to help children avoid repeating mistakes . Today, children threw stones that fell meters from me. How many children and adults get hurt or even go to hospitals over throwing? Children+ who throw stones at animals should be punished by humans or God? I saw stones that could have destroyed my solar panels, and probably through intentional or unintentional throwing. It is vital to pass laws against throwing and have things like drones and other culture of cameras to minimise problems. Using long sticks exist, but how indifferently we use such to destroy more flowers than drones may or waiting for natural drop? Although there are benefits to climbing, it is largely unsafe for very young kids. We can organise safer climbing competitions around adults, but climbing trees with fragile flowers should be discouraged. So if you care about kids' time , safety, balanced diet, etc, then closely study my suggestions or suggest better. Then the old poor burning of cashews reduce joy and even nutrient content of the cashews? Are the machine owners over charging or the Africans refusing to pay reasonably for quality nuts than sexual dowries? It is largely temperature control and time, so a heating element, controller, thermostat, and limited research to make one for every village or district to deserve what percentage of the nuts or rates of selling? Are Over burned nuts equal in taste and nutrient to rightly roasted nuts? Knowledge and quality matter, or why do I prefer the best of women over prostitutes and worse than prostitutes?

Technology must also be used conscientiously. So we must reasonably allow birds on some plants or God may react in ways we may not like. 'The people of the Garden who murmured denying the poor food' were punished, but the poor must include animals or reflect on ch.91 and ch. 55 on conscience, animal, and repeating sequel? The ones the bird already touched can be spared for other animals, especially after planting enough trees.

So rather than boycott or worry about consuming cashew nuts against children, just try to actively do your part. 1. Try to plant or sponsor enough cashew trees beyond self, your children, animals, etc. 2. Share information, including this article to enough people towards solutions beyond enough planting. 3. Donate to research for solutions or start an NGO, crowd fund and other means towards our rise to challenge the questionable authorities for actions, etc. As said, I am not apologising for eating lot of cashew nuts while in the west, instead I am repenting by trying to help plant lot more than I may ever consume, directly or indirectly.

How hard it is to have detailed annual videos on TV and social media? It is cashew time again, I am the minister of health or xyz standing around a cashew tree with enough demonstration. Smart contrasting videos... Do not allow your kids to throw stones, it puts pressure on our doctors and medicine (images of blood+), and you complain without doing your part? Do not allow kids to destroy flowers, it reduces yield against all of us, including the selling price of nuts. We have camera drones and the laws can include up to xyz fines. Beside government drones, people have cameras that may record and we may need to punish you than we hunt/hunted harmless marijuana folks, who claim crimes between creatures should be policed lot stronger. Should we have quotas on how much to export, especially by big farmers? Be conscientious, remember God have much better cameras. Do not allow kids to go search for cashew nuts more than one hour a day, recommended time is xyz or we may fine the parents, punish teenagers, etc... Everyone, especially the elderly are recommended to eat lot of cashew nuts due to xyz or you may visit our expensive hospitals and be in pain... so take the joy of nuts or who prefer the pills by man? Limit export where need be and tax enough on such than claim trickle down theory for foreign exchange? how many times should such ads repeat or be diversified enough? What is your school , national, or continental recommended study time; or do they indifferently leave such to parents? Good governments do sincere recommendations on study times, food needs, etc, and repeatedly remind people with urgings and even tactical pressures. May God help us like or more than we try to help humankind. You may contact me on (220) 3787 999, or come to small Gambia to find me in Kajjata Jihnack Island or Lamin Daranka .