Is the COCOBOD unwittingly failing Mother Ghana?

Feature Article Is the COCOBOD unwittingly failing Mother Ghana?
MAR 12, 2023 LISTEN

Relax, Counsel. At age 70, Kofi Thompson knows by now that such projects take time - and don't always follow a straight line, so to speak.

What matters is that you are still committed to the project - and that Kofi Thompson still thrives, healthwise, lol. Do therefore take all the time you need - so that we get it right first time: when we finally make our move.

Hopefully, you do see the point that by not aiming for, and planning for, an industry conversion that transforms Ghana into the world's biggest producer of organic cocoa, the COCOBOD is unwittingly failing its value-chain's smallholder farmer-stakeholders egregiously, and ought therefore to be prodded to act to protect the future of the cocoa industry. Now. Not tomorrow. Full stop.

Finally, let me reiterate my main point: There is no question that the COCOBOD's current leadership need to understand clearly that in a post-pandemic world, in which health-conscious consumers are opting, increasingly, for organic cocoa products - instead of the cadmium-residue-laden ones coming out of producer-nations such as Ghana - by not planning for Ghana to become the world's biggest producer of traceable organic cocoa beans, they are unwittingly failing Mother Ghana. Case closed. Full stop. Yooooooo...