Oga Arthur Eze: Fears Grow That Obi Might Just Win This Thing

Feature Article Oga Arthur Eze: Fears Grow That Obi Might Just Win This Thing
DEC 30, 2022 LISTEN

Disappointingly, Oga Arthur Eze And His kind Are Dreadful Of Losing Ground - Oga Arthur Eze This Moment Chooses Peter Obi

I will refer to the subject here as Oga, as his pointed comment on Peter Obi is an attempt to show the usual larger-than-life image before Nigerians and evoke fear in their minds, but Arthur Eze quickly found out that the "Oga at the Top" syndrome backfired on him and will not penetrate the people this time.

Oga Arthur Eze, a Nigerian chief of Igbo descent and a billionaire businessman, the chairman of Oranto Oil, recently addressed all Nigerians in a way that appeared to vest authority in him and his likes rather than the people, as seen all over the media.

Oga Arthur Eze: I'm not in support of Obi's presidential bid, referring to the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi.

Oga Eze's utterances recently occurred during the 2022 Ofala Festival of Igwe Robert Eze, who is the traditional ruler of Ukpo in Anambra State's Dunukofia local government area.

Oga Eze said, "I warned Peter Obi to withdraw from this race, but he would not listen." I told him plainly that I was not part of his plans. I told him to drop his ambition and wait until next time.” How did Arthur Eze become God?

Oga Eze, for far too long, you and many others have stood on the ledge and swum in the well of oligarchs while Nigeria has suffered a serious democratic backsliding, which Obi is now attempting to avert.

Oga Eze, believe it or not, Nigerians are more united than those who benefit from the division you want us to believe in.

Oga Eze and his likes know that Obi, through the people, will expose hidden flows of Nigerian money, and Obi will push for calls by the people to illuminate darker corners of Nigerian finance and politics.

Oga Eze, your disreputable attempts to destroy our type of democracy, which is being pushed for by Obi, will be ignored by hopeful Nigerians.

What has prevented Nigeria from toppling into the dark hole of complete failure is the fact that many Nigerians are still hopeful, and this time they are willing to risk and push back on the Eze like attacks on our democratic dreams under Obi.

Many Nigerians want what Obi wants: the need to band together to push for true democracy, which is under threat due to the weird words coming from Eze-like mouths.

Oga Eze, Obi is pushing for a Nigerian environment where respect for the rights of others, the rule of law, and a commitment to truth and tolerance in our public discourse could happen, but Eze-like voices want to hold it under the foot of bigmanism.

Eze-like words encourage reckless resentment to the truth and to hopeful Nigerians who disagree with them, as well as discredit the practice of hope that Obism will bring to Nigeria.

We hope that Nigerians, led by Obi, will vigorously oppose the ongoing efforts of Eze-like minds.

Hopeful Nigerians vigorously oppose the relentless and unending promotion of "one man rule," "big man rule," and "madam rule," as well as the phony power influence used to generate paranoia about the legitimacy of Obi, well, not this time, Oga Eze.

Obi, contrary to Eze’s preferences, wishes to foster an environment in which good Nigerians value democracy over bigmanism, which you are part of and support.

Obi is saying that beyond the Igbo environs, now is the time for Nigerians from all walks of life—of all social and political backgrounds and persuasions—to come together.

Oga Eze, your words this time under the "Obi moments," are no longer the golden rule.

Eze's comment over Obi's presidential bid only shows your need to keep Nigerians under the "big man rule" or "rule of man," but Obi is pushing back by saying that the rule of law is possible.

Obi is saying to hell with that form of autocratic rule that is highly personalized and restricts the development of democratic institutions.

Ask many Nigerians, Oga Eze: the country is now in its final cry of despair; a Nigeria that does not know or practice democracy along the recycling lines of religion, ethnicity, sectionalism, and sentimentality is ungovernable for us, not for you, because you continue to profit from the spoils and dance it out under the atmosphere of man's rule.

While Oga Eze and his ilk do everything they can to maintain their arrogant wealth in business and within diabolical governments, Obi's style of government is to strengthen democratic processes and institutions rather than personalize them as you and your allies do.

Nigeria finds itself in a place of unfulfilled promise of democratization following transitions from military to so-called democratic beginnings in 1999, but in reality, it has been an authoritarian type of rule in the name of democracy.

Oga Eze, Obi is warning you and your ilk that the people cannot continue the vicious cycle of economic stagnation, widespread dissatisfaction, and polarized politics that are mutually reinforcing for the benefit of the oligarchy.

Oga Eze, you and other kinds take pleasure in wielding massive concentrations of material power obtained indirectly or directly from the people's resources and prefer to support selected leaders to defend or enhance your personal wealth. As a result, Obi is a threat to your interests; he will not participate in your sect.

Obi, through the people, is saying that this time we need a leadership caused to fight the disease of the rule of man, where poverty, massive inequality, corruption, insecurity, and pervasive violence reign.

Oga Eze and your kind are trying to manipulate a section of the people, like the easterners, into believing that any perceived word or influence from you and your likes is godly, but because Obi’s extraordinarily bright light and presence which are very convincing to the people, your tactics will go into oblivion.

Oga Eze, for the most part, Nigeria is not a kingdom today, which is what the Eze-like mind wants with personalized power and directives; it is a growing democracy. As such, it is important that all Nigerians band together to protect our public liberties and support the possible election of Obi.

Today and even in the near future, people believed that Obi could restore honor and dignity to the presidency in exchange for the privatization of state power, and whether he wins or loses, he will never be considered a failure.

Oga Eze, we humbly hope, wish, and pray that you and your kind in Nigeria are alive to see the psychology of Obism, Obi’s like outcomes, or the Obi effect, in a young but troubled democracy—notably, Nigeria.

Professor John Egbeazien Oshodi, who was born in Uromi, Edo State, Nigeria, to a father who served in the Nigeria police for 37 years, is an American-based police and prison scientist and forensic, clinical, and legal psychologist. A government consultant on matters of forensic-clinical adult and child psychological services in the USA; chief educator and clinician at the Transatlantic Enrichment and Refresher Institute, an online lifelong center for personal, professional, and career development; and a former interim associate dean and assistant professor at Broward College, Florida. The Founder of the Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi Foundation, Center for Psychological Health and Behavioral Change in African Settings A former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association. In 2011, he introduced state-of-the-art forensic psychology into Nigeria through N.U.C. and Nasarawa State University, where he served in the Department of Psychology as an Associate Professor. An adjunct professor in the doctorate clinical psychology program at Nova Southeastern University’s College of Psychology in Florida, USA. Director of Online Studies and Professor of Psychology—Online Faculty at Weldios University in the Republic of Benin. He is a virtual behavioral leadership professor at ISCOM University, Republic of Benin. Founder of the proposed Transatlantic Egbeazien Open University (TEU) of Values and Ethics, a digital project of truth, ethics, and openness. Over forty academic publications and creations, at least 300 public opinion pieces on African issues, and various books have been written by him. He specializes in psycho-prescriptive writings regarding African institutional and governance issues. His most recent textbook publication is Concise Psychology: An Integrated Forensic Approach to Psychology for Global African Settings.