The search for unconditional love, peace, tranquility and fulfillment in life

By DC Kwame Kwakye
Opinion The search for unconditional love, peace, tranquility and fulfillment in life
SEP 12, 2022 LISTEN

Man's quest to find peace in life is an age-old problem that humanity as battled with throughout all existence. Such a quest has ignited certain agitation with man which is somehow inexplicable.

Our inner agitations irrespective of age and gender make us go round the globe in search of WHAT? This inner quest of humanity has made man travel to the moon, go to the depth of the sea, climbed the highest mountain and journey to space all to what end?

Considering the plethora of knowledge and the achievements of mankind, man ought to have been fulfilled and felt complete.

To this Mr. F. P. Mensah posits "The sense of inadequacy and the feeling of there is something more to be attained, have pushed many through fair or foul means to acquire abundant wealth and properties yet all these profound achievements have not been able to quench the inner thirst for unconditional love, peace, tranquility and a fulfilled life every soul seeks".

"Unconditional love, simply put, is love without strings attached. It’s love you offer freely. You don’t base it on what someone does for you in return. You simply love them and want nothing more than their happiness (Klein & Raypole, 2020)". This type of love is sometimes called compassionate or agape love.

To achieve or develop one's ability to love unconditionally is what dovetails one into achieving peace, tranquility and living a fulfilled life.

The truth of the matter is that no amount of invention, wealth, academic credentials, titles and positions be it religious or political can quench that inner quest of man to achieve unconditional love, peace and tranquility and have a fulfilled life.

"International organizations working towards such objectives can never achieve their goal because unconditional love, peace, tranquility and fulfillment in life is not a commodity that can be offered nor given to people or nations, neither can it be found in anything material (Mensah, 2022)".

Happiness may elude humanity for a moment but when the happenings seize, the happiness withers away. Mr. F. P. Mensah adds that "The only path which is THE WAY to Unconditional Love, Peace, Tranquility and Fulfillment in life is to discover who you truly are and the purpose of your existence".

This is what has eluded humanity and what all our efforts must be geared towards in order to make the work of the international bodies easier and realizable. Because when people discover who truly they are, all anxieties and confusions which emanate from their fear of the unknown vanishes and unconditional love sets in.

If one can find the answers to these questions; “WHO AM I? and WHAT IS MY PURPOSE ON EARTH”, the journey of their earthly life will be filled with peace, tranquility and fulfilment.

This isn't dependent on how rich or poor people are, "If we are unable to find answers to the above questions, the sense of fear of the unknown, insecurity of sinister expectations and the uncertainties of the future will keep generating these inner agitations which will keep us going round the world without rest from mundane activities thereby making us live our lives like a candle in the wind that can be blown out at any moment (Mensah, 2022)".

May the Divine Love Intelligence, That is, God guide us unto THE WAY of knowing who we are and the purpose of our existence.

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