Does The Fact That Mahama Is Not In Office, Still Able To Build A Hospital For The Bole Community Reveal Anything About Akufo Addo?

Feature Article Does The Fact That Mahama Is Not In Office, Still Able To Build A Hospital For The Bole Community Reveal Anything About Akufo Addo?
AUG 15, 2022 LISTEN

If a former president and his wife, could construct a hospital for the people of Bole and the surrounding communities with their resources to care for expectant mothers and children, it speaks volumes about the incapacity of the current Ghanaian leader who is unable to replace the demolished La-Teshie-Nungua Hospital, let alone build a new one or carry out any of the projects on "Agenda 111."

Since the articles I write depend on my analysis, evaluation of political events, and what the Ghanaian papers are saying, I read a lot of Ghanaian publications to stay informed about everything that is happening in the nation. An article in "The Daily Dispatch" about the former president John Mahama and his wife Lordina, donating a new maternity and children's ward to the residents of Bole drew my attention.

In a colorful ceremony, the couple, who were commemorating their 30th wedding anniversary, built and handed the twin wards to the residents of Bole and the nearby settlements. Such news, in my opinion, is the biggest embarrassment for the failed NPP government, which is clinging to the illusory hope of ending the eighth cycle to maintain power, a goal that can only be attained through the rigging.


This hospital project is comparable to some of the unfinished health projects by the previous administration that was abandoned by the corrupt, jealous, and incompetent Akufo Addo, despite incurring a sizable debt on Ghana without accountability. Those abandoned projects may have improved Ghana's healthcare system and employment opportunities.

Even rigging, though, is impossible because the government is aware of the ensuing rage in the country as a result of the ongoing corruption, theft, and incompetence that have resulted in the most challenging political period in Ghana's history, along with high unemployment, crime, debt, a weak currency, and unprecedented hardships that have affected the entire country. Be careful not to step on the tail of a hungry dog.

The Lordina Foundation Maternity and Children's Ward is ready, and on time for today's handing over to the Bole Community. "I am a very proud man and husband this afternoon, and I want to thank my wife Lordina, her organization- the Lordina Foundation, their partners, and our friends who supported us," said ex-president John Mahama.

I believe that those who dislike Mahama, especially the tribal bigots, only do so out of jealousy because they have realized that not only is Mahama extremely intelligent, but also competent and strong. Such rare achievements and humbleness haven't been part of Akufo Addo. I've never regretted calling Akufo Addo Ghana's laziest and most inept leader.

Ghanaians saw what Mahama went through, even though the fact that the economy was far stronger then than it is now. The tribal bigots and inept NPP politicians constantly attribute Akufo Addo's subpar performance to the effects of the coronavirus. But they have refused to acknowledge that the president's extravagant spending and reckless lifestyle have destroyed the nation before the COVID.

More crucially, even though the president and NPP scavengers stole millions of dollars from the COVID funds, which may have helped to avert the current economic catastrophe, they continue to discuss the COVID's effects without mentioning them. This is among the factors that make the NPP the most dangerous political force in Ghana, in my opinion.

I don't need to reiterate what I've already established and written that everything has occurred, but I do want to ask any intelligent Ghanaian the following question: "What do you expect from a country where the finance minister is related to the president and what do you expect the NPP to provide you with if the cunning president has appointed corrupt judges at the Supreme Court if you know that two of any country's strongest pillars are its finance and judiciary system?

That's why I think those who claim the NPP will end the eighth cycle are idiots who don't care about the suffering of the people but are afraid of losing power because, in the first place, the massive corruption they have engendered will expose them, in the second place, they won't be able to access the public funds they have looted, and in the third place, they know the majority of them can be put in jail.

The article stated that the 865 sq m Lordina Foundation Maternity and Children's Ward features 45 beds in total, 10 infant cribs, 5 weighing scales with height measures, a Mother and Child Care Center, and a Delivery Room with two delivery beds, and a Recovery Ward.

Why do people still despise this former president who accomplished so many projects for Ghana and even left some of them unfinished, leaving them to be surrounded by weeds by the envious president Akufo Addo who couldn't construct a single project? I don't know why, and I don't want to think that it's one of the reasons Akufo Addo keeps bringing himself into disgrace.

We cannot deny the fact that Mahama made mistakes, just like the other African leaders, including financial mismanagement. However, given the current government's history of corruption, the unaccountable debt, the high crime, and unemployment rates, and the promises made to Ghanaians to preserve the public purse, the only thing a sane Ghanaian can do is not to entertain this party. I have too much faith in them to believe that most of them are criminals.

Just consider the riches and assets of NPP leaders like Mr. Kojo Owusu Afriyie, Sir John, and Eugene Arhin, the president's director of communication. No politician who has served their country for 10 years or more can be found in Europe or the United States of America with such wealth that these two NPP politicians have amassed in the shortest amount of time.

Donald Trump, the former American president, is a business mogul who was already wealthy before entering politics. Despite serving four years in office, he was unable to amass even a third of the wealth Eugene Arhin and Sir John took in just two to three years.

Ghanaians, not a particular group, are the rightful owners of Ghana and its treasures, in 2024, elect a sensible leader and remove this corrupt administration from power. This party's purpose is to rob and make life miserable for regular people. They still don't have any plans for you, even though their lack of plans has led to your misery.

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