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Women should love every child regardless

Women should love every child regardless
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It may not seem very rational, but it is still my opinion. To me, there's nothing particularly exceptional about a mother's love for her own child, or a grandmother's affection for her own grandchildren.

People adore their own children since they are their progeny, thus it is in her blood...

It is natural for a mother to treat her children properly and hope for them to grow into excellent and responsible adults.

And who was responsible for your birth? If she brought you here and still treats you like she didn't, she's a fool, and I know a few mothers who treat their own children like that. They don't care about or love their own children.

When that happens, something is wrong—perhaps the child's father was neglectful or abusive toward her, or she is simply possessed, or there is simply something hidden somewhere—but, naturally, even animals love their own "children," so why congratulate a woman for loving herself so much?

Although, I believe that many biological mothers also deserve to be honored because they work tirelessly to provide for their children, often forgoing comfort in order to see their children happy and fulfilled in life.

My mother adores me tremendously. My grandmother loves me more, and my aunts love me as well—you can tell when someone truly loves you.

These women I know love me for sure, and their acts reflect if they truly love you or if you're simply an option for them.

My grandmother loves me if she can cry because she hasn't seen me in a long time and had me lie on her laps and continually wants to hear from me. She sees no imperfections in me and only knows that I am her grandchild, thus she treats me much more than my mother does! This is the extent to which mothers or grandmothers can love their own children or grandkids.

I adore my mother, grandmother, and aunts, but they aren't as special to me as a handful other women I've met throughout my life.

Because if a woman treats another woman's child as if it were her own, please applaud her— she is a good mother.

She is, in truth, a heroine. Because it's something most women don't and can't do—all they know is their own children, and other people's children are unimportant to them—what makes them love their own children so special?

If my mother has been a good mother to other people's children, they will undoubtedly honor her; many of them cannot be fools—they will honor her.

I also honor a few ladies in my life who I consider to be a blessing to humanity. There are four of them, but I'll only name one here to prevent a lengthy list.

Nma Ramatu, Mutala Surazu's mother, is a blessing to the planet. She is the mother of one of my close pals.

Even with that, I was subsequently told, it took me years to figure out that her step-children weren't her own. I would never have guessed. 'Nnatu,' as we call her, may God bless her.

She never gave me money, but she showed me the same affection she showed Mutala, her son. She still wants to know how I'm doing and how I'm living my life. I won't be able to repay her because money can't buy love.

My heart still belongs to the other three women. I can't forget about them! ....

Let us honor mothers who have a beautiful heart and do not discriminate between their children.

They simply adore all children, even if they have their own.

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