The Npp Of Tomorrow Depends On Who To Choose Today

By Prince Tipariga,
Critics The Npp Of Tomorrow Depends On Who To Choose Today
MAY 8, 2022 LISTEN

I hope this piece earnestly finds you in the glamour of our terrific power drunkenness. In the bliss of this faithful day of May, I write to you, knowing very well that, a long boring essay is the least you anticipate for a festive present —but it best grace your desk now than later. This letter, unlike those you received, which sang songs of failed promises, is to wake you from your long slumber of inferiority complex and your worrying inability to appreciate your essence, your true power.

Time is a hateful traitor, just so soon, it is our landlord, his Excellency President Nana Addo's turn to leave the scene of political activism; to give way to a fresh, vibrant and marketable face, so soon it is his turn to take a resting posture. In line with our enduring democratic ideals and against the background of the tradition our forebearers nobly advanced, the onus is on you, our respected delegates, to do us this singular privilege —to set sail and jettison this great party for another season of electoral fortunes, the singular responsibility is on you.

Sir/Madam, you have steered us through numerous decision-making mazes; from Professor Adu Boahen, through to President Kuffour and just yesterday, President Akuffo Addo —our party solely depend on your collective intuition for the forward match of this enviable political tradition. Interesting to note is the fact that, this religious trust we reposed in you yielded two remarkable national electoral victories; an occurrence whose frequency we would earnestly love to see increasing —but that will wholly rest on how you answer your "whos" and "whys".

I am no delegate, Sir/Madam, in all sincerety however, I wish I was; I wish I could sit at the edge of my sofa and determine who becomes what in this party, alas, this rare privilege is yours and I can only hope and admire. Nonetheless, like every serious political race, I know there are several salient details which underscore your choice of flagbearers for this great party —that is to say, every decision coming off the thumb of every single delegate has a factor and or a group of factors which informed it, the only question is how positive or forward-thinking such a factor or group of factors can be; this is not a question you would answer today, respected Sir/Madam.

Honourable, another year of choosing neighs, your imports or relevance which was shelved, will seemingly be brought to fore —your status as the chief-makers of this political tradition will now be treated with utmost respect and valuation, it is your duty to not be swayed by this seasonal gratifications; it will be in your interest and obviously, in the party's interest that, you stay true to important details that made you crown Nana Addo —the longevity, service, humility and marketability which was sang to the admiration of you all, must be allowed to play now.

Dearest, if you believed in the commitment of J.B Danquah, let your commitment speak from your thumb; if you believed in the hardwork of Dr. Busia, let your hardwork speak from your thumb; if you believed in the loyalty of Dombo, let your loyalty speak from your thumb —this contest, in all honesty, is not a contest between Alan and Bawumia and or any other candidate, this contest is our ideals, our beliefs, our democratic credentials and our principles as a political party against our collective egos, our greed and our insatiable selfishness; we either fall here or forge ahead, choose you now!

And to you who picked those torches from where Tolon Naa Yakubu Etal left them, were they meant to drive out the darkness and snares that held us as a party and Country or they were meant to drive away the darkness that clouded your personal interest? And those bigotic and sentimental maxims you have coined are to what end? Are we going to put aside everything their blood and toils stood for? Unfortunately, this "it is a Northerner's turn" mantra was engineered to ridicule and disunite this party, how my comrades now dance to same ridiculous tunes beats my imagination. Dear Sir/Madam, it is sad, even scary, but to change this narrative, to change our current course of voyage, the party needs only you —we are trusting you to deliver, with two electoral victories to your name, we must trust you, though, we are wary of what laurels and quest for material gains can do, but we must still trust you!

Sir/Madam, the regalia you used in the enthronement of former President John Agyekum Kuffour and his Excellency President Akuffo Addo, is still in your possession, please use it well —use it to project to the knowledge of every well meaning patriot that, even though, we have equally competent patriots who do not waver in their quest to hoist the blue and white colors of this distinguished political tradition, but one man's contribution glitters amongst them all.

Distinguished Sir/Madam, let your vote tell them that, all our aspirants contributed to the economic transformation and industrialization of our country but one man's contribution stands tall; that the patience, humility and selfless service to our party is evident in all their dealings, but one man's traits are unmatched and unscathed; that all our men suffered for the party in various capacities, but one man's suffering and sacrifices are monumental; that through the dusty roads of our scary yesteryears, through the dreary days when opposition activism were somewhat outlawed and through the darker dawns of Prof. Adu Boahen's NPP, one man's activism was telling...tell them, in not too much detail, that the perseverance you saw in Akuffo Addo is clear and evident in another man's CV; tell them, that the commitment and loyalty of one candidate transcends the childish tribal and regional sentiments being professed. Do vote, Sir/Madam, and when you do, let your vote say, it stands with continuity of tradition, respect for the long established queue for intra-party leadership and restoration of party unity.

Dear Sir/ Madam, if you have read to this point, let what Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong said resonate with your reasoning, let it guide you, memorize it, no, recite it as a mantra... Every morning, before every activity, anytime and anywhere, just remember to pose his query to yourself, "...even if I support Alan, is he not a human being?..." that surely would be therapeutic, sure as dawn it would be —for in this race, there is but one truth, the truth is ALAN KYEREMANTENG; everyone sees it, everyone knows it, but those who are courageous enough to accept it, won a fight against intimidation, witch-hunting and stack favoritism— I pray you all do, respected Sir/Madam. I rest here, your reply is highly anticipated at the polls.

I esse retro!!!

One good patriot,

Prince Tipariga,

President, North4Alan.

Contact: 0247940573