The US Couldn’t Overthrow Fidel Castro, Let Alone Vladimir Putin

Feature Article The US Couldnt Overthrow Fidel Castro, Let Alone Vladimir Putin
MAR 18, 2022 LISTEN

The US is a superpower that wants to rule the world because they can, due to its military strength. Any country or a leader can simply become America’s enemy if you are not democratic or if they simply hate you for various reasons.

However, due to the US government’s crime against humanity with impunity since 1945, China, North Korea, and Russia have created a strong defense capable of fighting the US and probably defeating them.

Since the war started between Russia and Ukraine, many are not only accusing the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, a war criminal but also wish America could bring him before the International Criminal Court or kill him.

The latter is what I will call wishful thinking because despite Cuba being a communist and not all that powerful, the US failed every assassination attempts on Fidel Castro and to topple his government, thus; killing Putin is just a fantasy, the US can’t succeed.

It was in 1961, the CIA attempted to overthrow the Cuban government, which wasn’t democratically elected; it was created after local freedom fighters ousted the puppet government run by America.


Fidel Castro, the former Cuban leader survived 638 assassination attempts in his life.

Cuba can be poor but the love they had for Castro is beyond expression. The CIA initiated a special operation ‘Mongoose,’ the purpose of which was to change power in Cuba and every attempt to kill Castro failed.

About the late Fidel Castro, nobody knows the kind of man he was. He never consciously tried to run away from death, and perhaps that is why fate has been kind to him. In his entire life before his natural death at 90, Castro survived 638 assassination attempts on his life.

This can tell you what kind of government the US is the reason today, they have created demonic countries out of their demons because hostile countries don't want America to bully and tell them what to do.

If it is very easy to stop or kill Putin like what they did to Muammar Khadafy of Libya, the US government and NATO, wouldn’t be sitting in Limbo watching Russia destroy Ukraine. There is nothing America has for a war that Russia hasn’t.


The Russian leader, Vladimir Putin knows his enemies, therefore, he is always alert to protect his country and the people. Photo credit: Alexey Nikolsky/RIA Novosti

Why is the US government worried about Putin using biological or chemical weapons in Ukraine? Because America has done that many times, therefore, they know Russia can also do it.

When the US government under George Bush and Tony Blair invaded Iraq with the false accusation of Saddam Hussein harboring weapons of mass destruction, Putin showed concern over the use of biological or chemical weapons on the Iraqis.

The US government said no, we won’t, however, the aftermath of the war, the deformities of babies forced the US government to admit they used a chemical weapon.

Since the Post-World War II era, the US has used biological and chemical weapons eight times. Today, America deals lightly with countries that they know can’t intimidate, one of them is Russia.

Why would the US even think about killing Putin when they know the consequences? The response will be a costly war that would also affect Europe.

They say God helps those who helped themselves, Putin knows that it is America’s dream to kill him; therefore, the man protects himself.

Putin is a no-nonsense man who knows that he may be in danger when he travels, especially; to countries that are an ally of the United States of America, therefore, he hardly travels.

Getting through to Putin, is it difficult or possible?

It is possible to get through to Russian President Vladimir Putin, but technically it is very difficult.

According to sources, the Russian president doesn’t use a personal mobile phone and most of the complaints and problems are sent to him through the administrative office.

Residents of Moscow can also make an appointment with the assistants of the head of state to tell them about their problems directly. And also, the most popular way to do this is through a hotline or a letter to his administration.

It is interesting to know since in power, Putin has survived 13 assassination attempts on his life.

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