2022 Budget: Church leaders fast and pray against 'human', 'demonic' will; 'selfishness, confusion, unrest'

Headlines 2022 Budget: Church leaders fast and pray against 'human', 'demonic' will; 'selfishness, confusion, unrest'
DEC 13, 2021 LISTEN

Ghana’s church leaders have declared a three-day national prayer and fasting for unity, understanding, peace and prosperity of the nation.

Prominent on the programme is praying against all forms of confusion, agitation, civil unrest, selfishness and partisanship among parliamentarians as they debate the 2022 budget.

It starts, Monday, 13 December 2021 to Wednesday, 16 December 2021 with the theme: ‘Peace and goodwill towards all’.

The prayer and fasting programme is being orgainsed by the Christian Council of Ghana, the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference (GCBC), Ghana Charismatic Bishops’ Conference (GCBC) and the National Association of Charismatic and Christian Churches (NACCC).

Among others, the prayer bulletin intends to “pray that the Lord will bring unity and understanding between the two major political parties in parliament, i.e., the NPP and NDC”.

It said “concerning the debate on the 2022 budget”, the church leaders will “pray that the spirit of nationalism will override partisan interests among parliamentarians”.

They will also “pray that the Holy Spirit will move and touch parliamentarians to unite and function with one accord in the best interest of our nation, as they discuss the 2022 budget and other issues on the floor of parliament”.

The other prayer topics on parliament are as follows:

Pray that our father will inject parliamentarians to receive divine wisdom, guidance and boldness to lead the two main political parties in parliament to make righteous decisions.

Pray for a peaceful outcome of the 2022 budget debate that will propel Ghana to dimensions of economic prosperity.

Pray for the fear of God among political leaders and parliamentarians in our nation.

Pray for righteousness to prevail in parliament in the name of Jesus.

Pray and plead the blood of Jesus over our parliament to destroy any spirit of confusion and selfishness and any stronghold that is prevailing there in the name of Jesus.

Pray against all forms of civil unrest and agitations in parliament as they continue to debate the 2022 budget in the name of Jesus.

Pray and declare that the purpose of God shall happen in Ghana’s parliament and that no human or demonic will shall prevail.

Pray and declare that Ghana’s parliament shall show forth the glory of God and that God’s presence shall always manifest in parliamentary proceedings in the name of Jesus.

Declare God’s favour over Ghana’s parliament right now in the name of Jesus.

Pray against the high places of sin and corruption in our country. Declare that righteousness is taking over our government and political space in Jesus’ name.

Pray for truthful media reportage on parliamentarian proceedings devoid of lies and sensationalism.

The church leaders held a similar prayer and fasting session for the nation in April 2020.