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Who is the Most Defeated Presidential Candidate in your Country, Continent, and the World?

Jarga kebba GigoJarga kebba Gigo
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Mr. Ousainou Darboe took the title in the Gambia, defeated four or five times; Mr. Sheriff Dibba is on a close second, after helping form UDP for Darboe and giving that special baton to Darboe; and Mr. Mama Gandeh or xyz is vying for third or xyz position on that marijuana or Guinness book of records? Mr. Donald Trump is 'considering' for that title in the u.s, but remember I want you to research and tell me about your country? Knowing who is the longest serving president in your country or continent is important, but studying losers and what they share is vital to avoid repeating their mistakes. If the victory speech of President Barrow or the editorial headlines of Gambia's media houses were visionary oriented like my title, personalisation of parties will be studied and blamed for multiple failures. Beside the failures of such leaders, it is Vital to study their chief enablers, and even the voters across every country, continent, and world. Ineffective opposition is a reality and part of the problem beyond the Gambia, or do you believe all opposition leaders are effective ? Ineffective media is part of the problem, they give pass to questionable opposition leaders who personalise parties with very lame excuses and unchallenged or under challenged with fractional facts? It evidently seems God still loves the Gambia and Africa, but testing us in ways many of us are yet to comprehend. The world is a stage with levels like classes, from primary to university; so a failure at primary or secondary school level must not over focus on others' failures at university level... The tribal Africans may deserve to suffer racism or worse through karma, but does that mean the racists will not be dealt with ?

Consistency is a beautiful blessing and teacher of the truthful. The u.s and the Gambia have astounding similarities under one God and how many devils? Where as the Gambia has lot less tribalism compare to other African countries, largely due to its small size and smart cultural tribe linking with endless jokes, we evidently have some tribal issues to address, especially in politics. The Gambia has a problem of under confronting tribal politics and the u.s have the racism version and wrongly normalising gender propaganda politics? Accusing Donald Trump of racism is easy, but providing evidence that racist elite and most racist voters prefer him is easier? Similarly, regardless of your take of the tribal accusations against Ousainou Darboe, it is easier to admit the most tribal mandinkos prefer Darboe, but the good news is there are good mandinkos. How can we raise the number of good mandinkos must include confronting guilty mandinkos and the tribal toadies (House negroes) from other tribes, like popular ms. Yam Secka explicitly called on mandinkos to vote Darboe and Darboe (our Trump) failed to condemn her words and mindset, our media or 'fox news' failed to strongly confront her or why Darboe did not condemn her; questionable Talib Bensouda and countless UDP elite chose silence and indifference to her words, they do not think 'exhorting each other to truth...' at the party , home, and office level is important ? The best of whites turn against Trump on such failures, but the best of mandinkos under condemn but act against Darboe for ingratitude, not just for enabling tribal voting? If you study the places Ousainou Darboe did well, they are mainly lowly educated mandinko dominated areas, similar to how lowly educated whites prefer Trump. The provincial mandinkos are often different from the urban mandinkos, and that does not mean you cannot find guilty mandinkos in the cities and towns. The educated Bakary Darboe from PPP, the younger Sabbaly from APRC and others exist. While some enter through the gates of tribe or family ties, the Marie socks and others enter on illusionary 'can' over should for position, a different form of power worshipping... The fact remains the Brikama margin versus kiang and evolving Badibu is worth studying , but non Gambians without census knowledge of these areas can be misled by excuses. When Yahya Jammeh raised his ignorance and arrogance against mandinkos, the good in other tribes condemned him and God defeated him. The ingratitude I accused Ousainou Darboe is sadly also in an intolerable number of mandinkos, and please do not mistaken the word intolerable as more or most... Just like I will say God's proportionate curse be upon the racist white voters does not exclude racist black voters, I am saying God's proportionate curse be upon tribal and gender leaning voters in and beyond the Gambia. I warn Gambians and the world to understand I am a spirit of truth at the international level, beyond fighting for worldwide cannabis legalization. I do learn from the west, but I am thankfully ahead of the best of westerners and seeing some of their evil they are wrongly adoring, including gender propaganda politics, often masquerading as 'women empowerment'. Like racism, we will educate and confront, and the lucky women will join the good men to reject the rising gender propaganda politics around the world. The Democrats in the u.s are the ones most guilty of gender propaganda politics, but how about your country?

Almost all parties in the Gambia are into gender propaganda politics, but PDOIS is among the most guilty on that and I will hit them hard in due time on that, despite giving them my resort support in 2021. The God of ch.49:13 opposed racism, tribalism, and gender discrimination how many years before your adored u.s or Western world? I equally warn the good women to avoid taking the bribe, or I will say God proportionate curse be upon the guilty ones, including women. Sometimes you are false victims who think you have endless rights, but you were/are warn some will have double punishment. The guilty Western media and governments I co-defeated on their lies against marijuana will also be redefeated on their lies against men, but do you think I will spare African media and governments that took the bait and try to resist my truth? Your arch enemy is not any gender, tribe, or race -- your enemy is fear, greed, and arrogance; so be careful of even false accusing and do not come near to untruthful or unjust 'kindness'. The other worse than tribal voting is voting for family and economical friendship . Although PDOIS helped educate many Gambians on voting, there are some branches they hardly touch and our media and opposition leaders must help educate citizens where need be.

Lame excuses like 'the people want me to lead' forwarded by Trump and Ousainou Darboe is likely in every country, and weak journalists wrongly echo as report, and under questions devils to help citizens think? Even the questionable Gambians trusted Ousainou Darboe can defeat Jammeh in five or ten years, not 22 years of excuses of how Darboe repeatedly fail and repeatedly resisted allowing others to lead? How many Gambian journalists ever strongly confronted Darboe on why he should not only allow others to lead, but make clear constitutional clauses to discourage party personalisation? It is vital to pressure every political party in your country to take measures against endless running as flag bearer, especially as a loser. Trump/Darboe want us to believe he can endorse and help people win parliamentary/senate or xyz seats, but that endorsing others to run for presidential is a crime and dangerous gamble? Personal arrogance is their shared crime and God described the devil as 'arrogant'.

Intentions and effects: my intentions are not to beat on losers like Darboe or Trump, but to effect change beyond my birth country and the visited u.s that is sometimes wrongly influencing the world. By calling out weak opposition leaders, we build better sitting and opposition to uplift humankind. If NPP introduces term limit at party level and challenge others, then the claim that others will learn from the Gambia will become a reality. Even terrible Ms. Clinton under admitted failures as one time defeated presidential candidate, but Darboe admits which personal and party shortcomings, wants to blame only sitting governments; and PDOIS wants to blame the questionable people? The truth remains our elections were relatively fair and God was saving us from Ousainou Darboe and Sheriff Dibba, whose colors were exposed in how he joined APRC of Yahya Jammeh, who personalises party and country? The truth remains Gambians are slow learners, but PDOIS failed in their strategies as a teacher who under studied its students? Considering how average Gambians avoid reading, failing to have a radio until recently must be included why PDOIS failed in convincing Gambians, in our history ? Touring the country for decades is an inefficient approach or should have been with radio station for audio in all languages. There are other simple things PDOIS failed to do, including confronting questionable citizens. The problem is not just government, the people must improve their choices, mindset, and not just on voting...

Majority does not have the right to oppress minority. You have heard the questionable westerners indoctrinate you with 'no one is above the law' , but I am saying God's proportionate curse be even who echo such after hearing me. Instead, say: The law should not be above anyone, but between creatures. You have to show me my victim, or learn to respect my personal and natural rights within reasonable conscience. It is not my responsibility to accomodate to your unnecessary mass fear, greed, or arrogance. your respite time is over or on the verge to. Anyone who think I should worship unjust marijuana or xyz laws is under serious illusions. I was born to question injustice, including unjust laws and beyond words. Luckily, I am versed in secular, religious, and spiritual disciplines. Challenging your executive to the judiciary to understand the importance of tolerance beyond marijuana and elections. No judge should try to overturn a reasonably fair election based on exiguous election irregularities; similarly, even the earth is not perfect, so finding minimal imperfections on a marijuana strain or user is not good enough to condemn everything or every user. I am appealing on Activists to challenge unjust laws and judges to understand conscience is higher than human law, or even your misinterpretation of the Bible, Quaran (Recitation), and other books. Is there a judge who thinks Drunkards, idol worshipers, gossiping cowards, LGBTQ, and others can send me or a sick person to prison over medical marijuana,just because some guilty law makers think or bribe so? The submissive cowards who claim to believe in medical marijuana and do nothing to make it a reality are guilty and must repent or God's proportionate curse be upon them. I am not compromising dues, it is over due. If you think my approach is wrong or too hard, then you have even more reason to demonstrate better ways and stop the hypocrisy and cruelty.

Religious misinterpretation and hypocrisy is a huge problem in the Gambia and young Gambians must take a better road than our questionable parents with big gowns like hypocritical Jews described in the bible. Cause versus Allow: God allowing Adama Barrow or anyone to the presidency is not necessarily causing his presidency; more importantly, the precise reason (why) can be lot beyond human comprehension or guesses. It is not necessarily God condoning Barrow or any leader. Why God allowed Pharoah, Trump, Yahya Jammeh, etc was not to condone their ways or intentions, but to hard test its people. There are three major roots of sin and Gambia has amazingly being tested on the three in mysterious ways: During Dawda Jawara's regime , Gambians were primarily tested on greed and mass corruption was not just accepted by intolerable Gambians , but encouraged by many questionable religious leaders in the name of 'predestined allocation', but conscience and the quaran qualify such as sins between creatures, and even a just God does not forgive such... During yahya Jammeh's regime, Gambians Were primarily tested on fear, and another intolerable number of Gambians failed in illusions for survival. Then again, our religious leaders chose the wrong verses in fear to justify fear for themselves and the masses. Now in Barrow's era , Gambians argely tested on arrogance, but what percentage are failing on the primary test versus secondary tests? Jawara was guilty political greed and enabling mass economical greed; jammeh was a dangerous brutal coward and showed many Gambians are worse cowards than him? Barrow is guilty of some arrogance and the rights he rightly and wrongly give Gambians are often abused by many in ignorance and arrogance. We must all be careful and learn to understand and respect ch.103 in the deepest sense.

Barrow should appreciate how God rescued him from Ousainou Darboe, Jammeh, and Kandeh by killing their ways beyond the Gambia. His victory speech should include a message for other African countries and beyond. He should introduce two term limit at party level in his victory speech or journalist should question his position on it and what that played in UDP. He should urge one term limit for the country or maximum two terms, or how can kandeh said his two failures cannot be counted even at party level? Like kandeh beat him twice at the parliamentary level, but he beat kandeh in worse ways at presidential level, winning on earth does not necessarily guarantee heavenly win... certain words will influence not just other African presidents, but other opposition leaders and media houses beyond the Gambia.

I congratulate Mr. Adama Barrow and warn him not to misinterpret his questionable blessings or powers. The laws and even constitution can give you false or undue powers, and slavery law is just an example. Even international laws are not above questioning and improving. Time matters, not at your choosing or to satisfy the questionable desires of your so called 'people'. I am one minority who can defeat the majority, who can be Moses or NOAH to a world , continent, or country. I give the world love and truth , so I expect similar back or let the guilty suffer, even if it means billions. I reiterate my commitment to have worldwide marijuana legalization within two to five years, and urge you to study or invite me for a meeting on how to do it, or brace up for a nasty fight. There will be other things I will be pushing for beyond the Gambia and I pray for a more smooth relationship, but certainly ready to fight and still blast the losers to educate others, even after their losing. May God bless Showlove Trinity: let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga kebba Gigo

Activist and transformer.

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