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Open Letter To President Kufuor (From Venezuela)

Open Letter To President Kufuor (From Venezuela)
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Dear Mr. President, This is to hereby write and bring your attention to some desolated crucial resources in the country. Before then, I would like to congratulate you and your government for the strong, difficult but important decisions being taken in the governance of our beloved country, Ghana. This shows that the government is prepared to bring to the people the proposed and promised POSITIVE CHANGE yet more is to be done the achievement of this goal. I believe each Ghanaian has a part to play in the changing of the conditions of our own lives. I didn´t know the role agriculture plays in the economy of any country till I left the shores of Ghana for studies abroad. Now knowing the importance, I would like to bring the government´s attention to some of the desolated resources more specifically in the Agriculture sector of the country. Located in the North Tongu district of the Volta region is the Old Gbedemah Poultry farm. This farm is advantageously situated on the bank of part of the Volta river with all the necessary climatic factors of production. The farm has stopped its productive activities for a couple of decades now. Taking a look at the history of this farm, it could be considered as the leading and the best poultry farm in the country and even the sub region in those days. The farm was engaged in the exportation of chicken and eggs to other parts of the country and to neighboring countries apart from serving the local market. From reliable sources, the farm was sold out. People expected the farm to be brought to functioning by the new owner. Nobody knows what is preventing the rehabilitation of this farm and since it is a private property nobody has that right to protest at this. This farm has the capacity of producing thousands of birds and crates of eggs daily. Some of the structures on the farm are still in their perfect conditions. I believe if this farm could be brought back to production, the following and more would be achieved. One of the points in the NPP`s electoral manifestation and I believe would continue to appear in any future manifesto of any political party in Ghana is the creation of Jobs. If this farm could be rehabilitated , hundreds of the Ghanaian people would be employed on it and at the long round would help in the reduction of the unemployment rate in the country. In addition to the above, almost 80% of the beef and chicken consumed in the area are imported from neighboring country, Togo, at an excessively high price. If this farm could be reactivated, it would help or even totally stop the importation of the above mentioned products which are sometimes imported unwholesomely. Moreover the substantive poultry farmers in the area would also benefit from the rehabilitation of this farm since they would be provided with day old chickens and even some technical advices from workers of the farm it would also help in the encouragement of the people especially the youths to get involved in Agriculture due to its lucrativeness. This farm, if renewed could serve as a laboratory for Agriculture students from the region especially for the Adidome farm institute. Finally the rehabilitation of this farm would not only help in the achievement of the above mentioned but would also open the eyes of the blind Ghanaians who are not seeing the positive changes going on in the country. This at the long round would encourage the people to rally behind this government. Mr. President, I would be happy if the government or the ministry of Agric could meet with the owner of this farm and know whether he has this plan and the resource to rehabilitate this farm. The government could then negotiate with him (the owner) as to the rehabilitation, if he the owner has not this plan and the resource. Since this would not benefit only one or some people alone but the whole nation I am very glad to bring to the notice of the authority as a Ghanaian. Honorable President, I would also like to comment on the desolated old Ameworlorkope Cattle farm located a few kilometers from Adidome also in the same district. I think something could be done by the ministry of agriculture or the government on this farm or the land. Thank you for the good governance. I know most Ghanaians are happy about this government.More grease to your elbow. "God bless Our Homeland Ghana and make our nation Great and Strong".

Godsway Yaw Sappor Simon Bolivar United World College Of Agric Venezuela

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