12.11.2021 Feature Article

Boldness In Prayer Cont'd

Boldness In Prayer Cont'd
12.11.2021 LISTEN

What do you think are some of the causes that Christians today pray with timidity instead of boldness?

Why do you think that some Christians resist the command or the imperative, and exhortation to pray with boldness?

While nobody doubts the boldness of Gideon, his test of the fleece was an elementary kind of faith. God has already proved Himself through the deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt. Therefore, it was not necessary for Gideon to put God to the test. When God chose Joshua to lead the Hebrew people after the departure of Moses, Joshua did not tell God to prove Himself. He was an eyewitness of what God had done for the people. That is true faith. That is what we need to do today when God calls us to act on His behalf.

Many contemporary Christians think that God has changed in His Omnipotence and sovereignty. I think many American Christians have bought into secular humanism in such a way that they have ignored the supernatural aspect of God. Some too do not take the Word of God (Scriptures) literally. Therefore, they worship and serve God with a weak faith.

Indeed, Elijah was a man of bold prayer and James cites him as an example to encourage believers in Christ to pray bold and persistently (James 5:17).

You have identified the falsity of the prosperity and good health gospel preachers who have dominated the waves with their false theology of "name it and claim it." Such "evangelists" make God look like a genie or a magician who supplies all our wants at our beckon. They have confused the faith of the naive and immature believers.

It took boldness and assurance of God for Joshua to step into the shoes of Moses as the successor. Joshua was a man of unquenchable faith. He was also a man of boldness because of his faith in God.