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Weird Facts About US Politicians, Laws, And Policies on Alcohol and Cannabis

Weird Facts About US Politicians, Laws, And Policies on Alcohol and Cannabis
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It's Sunday Cannabis High and the spirit of truth wants me to fight with the hypocritical Christians+, but will the best of Christians join me? The US is a country that was created out of resistance to oppression, but it is equally guilty of different types of oppression then and now. The so called 'founding fathers' of the US, including Thomas Jefferson, were hemp (Cannabis) users and even the first US constitution was reportedly printed on hemp paper. Then some laws from trees paper ungratefully fought against hemp? It seems like the founding fathers were pro cannabis, but not necessarily anti-alcohol. Then as the baton was passed through generations, the US became the only western country to ban alcohol and it was a disastrous mistake that cost lives and sufferings of mainly whites, because the truth is whites and women tend to prefer alcohol, while blacks and men tend to prefer cannabis, then especially? Through evident racism and industrial pressures, they criminalized cannabis, which affected all, but disproportionately men and blacks. While it was illegal, Henry Ford, made hemp fuel and promoted hemp, but other US politicians were not convinced or were bought by financial greed of lobbyists, including oil firms.

Recently, Both President Donald Trump and Joe Biden brag about not using alcohol, but poor US journalism missed big questions beyond their usage. I am not doubting Donald Trump is not a drinker, but his claim that he never did and because his brother was an alcoholic as the primary or only reason is questionable. Studies confirm, even though you have to be twenty one to buy alcohol in the US, many parents are said to give their children alcohol at around fifteen years. If they were of the lucky ones who were not given alcohol, then we should still ask why they rejected even tasting alcohol and use it to possibly teach children to avoid alcohol. Lying Trump may have tried it and left after his brother died of alcohol. Or how much older was his brother, because it often takes over fifteen years before alcohol kills.

Joe Biden claiming to the pope that he is 'one Irish who do not use alcohol', and the pope responding '(white) Irish love whisky ' is a weird fact that normalizes geographical 'prejudice' (generalization), while some chastise me when I make essential race or gender generalization? New York Times or xyz were supposed to headline: 'Joe Biden rejects alcohol but gives millions of Americans poisonous alcohol to promote covid vaccines'? Maybe it was alcohol loving Speaker Pelosi who convince him to spend millions on alcohol? There are reasonable evidence speaker Pelosi takes alcohol to office, while delaying cannabis bills even for the sick? President Obama had a 'beer summit' on TV, against the children, despite later under admitting 'marijuana is better than alcohol'. How many whites' politicians believe Obama's claim? Of course, the top marijuana activists in US are largely whites. Meaning, they would have fought lot harder if whites were disproportionately harm by the laws, and that blacks continue to wait for the good whites to free them from evil whites, and then complain endlessly, after? The wrongs of your time is what you should confront bravely, not past wrongs in greed.

As victims of legal slavery, we have the obligation to preach 'no law is above questioning'. Some very weird lies were/are used to criminalize marijuana and other things. Did you know, all or many states, including North Carolina makes it a crime to sell alcohol from 12 am to 12 pm on Sunday to indirectly 'honor' or declare the supremacy of Christianity in a so-called secular state? An idiot may buy their intentions or excuses, but will the good gauge the effects and try to free the victims? These stupid and cruel laws mean unnecessary wasting of tax payers money and criminalizing hard working poor folks. Rather than looking for rapists and other real criminals, During these twelve hours, every week, some highly paid Americans will send an adult looking 'under age' to buy alcohol in convenient stores of low paid workers. If you forget 'we should honor Christianity/law' during these twelve hours, they will give you are fine, send you to questionable judges, and make you a criminal unnecessarily? Ah, hypocritical Christians in suits, are you any different from the Jews in robes and big gowns that the beloved Jesus Christ chastised? Joe Biden believing alcohol is bad like many Muslims is of little good, if he mocks and harm the poor in questionable honor. Through bad laws, Jesus was indeed guilty of breaking the sabbath and bad people said the law is the law to hide their cruelty, then and now. So when Joe Biden said 'the law is the law' when a US athlete was denied competition for using Marijuana, Biden was just echoing a devilish mantra. I called on the freedom loving people to March and sue the US government to change such laws, including marijuana laws.

The poor immigrant or student who chooses to work low wages at a convenient store deserves encouragement , not hypocritical baiting and unnecessary criminalization by society, who chooses these terrible lawmakers. Hundreds or thousands of such victims may pay in anger and let go, but one or few of them may ask 'why' to imprecate or even act against our guilty society . Sell them alcohol on Friday, while the Muslim pray; see the millions our governments and political parties spend on alcohol; then rob me and criminalize me for selling alcohol before people come back from church is pathetic and oppressive... The sun will not stop rising because someone sells alcohol on Sunday morning, so do away with unnecessary laws and respect this Marijuana guy, or God's curse be upon you through more covid deaths or His chosen proportionate means. I was not sent on earth or America to submit like a house negro, but to 'exhort each other to truth...' as per chapter 103. I learned many good things through America, so my gratitude should include rectifying America, where need be.

Whereas US politicians will tell you they want to end/reduce using coal or xyz by xyz date, I see no meaningful efforts by Donald Trump, Joe Biden, or any major US politician to end US government spending on alcohol and reducing alcohol usage by xyz date. If it is a proven dangerous personal choice, then it should be personally financed. I oppose government buying alcohol even for state guests. I do not condone banning alcohol, Marijuana, cigarette, or any personal choice, but I encourage regulations and reasonable efforts to curb any dangerous or questionable product/service.

Since we have alcohol leaning entertainment districts (streets), I have called for Alcohol and Drug Free Entertainment Centers (Adfec Zones) since Obama's Presidency. Such measures will help kids to party without the temptation of alcohol and drastically reduce alcohol consumption more than twelve hours of hypocritical honor to Christianity and bragging to the questionable Pope.

The US government spends millions on alcohol, but how about buying cigarettes for vaccine? Of course, I am just trying to show how whites and governments prefer alcohol. The US government once sued the tobacco industry for billions, for ' lying to them', but did the alcohol industry lied to people? Where people are guilty, let the people pay, and hold companies accountable in reasonable manners, no robbing of hard-working folks, after giving them licenses. I sure understand tobacco reportedly kills more than alcohol, but we must be consistent and demand better journalism.

We have seen politicians admitting using Marijuana, but how many top journalists brag about alcohol in public versus admitting marijuana usage? More important, we expect journalists to ask deeper questions and demand consistency for public uplifting. May God bless Showlove Trinity: let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga kebba Gigo

An activist and Transformer.

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