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Waiya elected Northern CSOs Coalition Chairman

Waiya elected Northern CSOs Coalition Chairman

Chairman, Kano Civil Society Forum, Ibrahim Waiya has been elected Chairman of the Conference of Northern States Civil Society Networks.

Waiya, who also coordinates the Freedom of Information Coalition, Nigeria, in Kano State was chosen to pilot the affairs of the conference alongside other members of the executive.

Others elected during the meeting, held in Kano recently are: Shimenenge Kyaagba –BENGONET, Vice Chairperson, Amb. Ibrahim Yusuf of Association of NGOs in Gombe State, General Secretary, while Dr. Usman Buhari of Coalition of NGOs in Kebbi State emerged Publicity Secretary.

The Conference of Northern States Civil Society Networks is a forum of states based civil society organizations (CSOs) - coalitions/networks - operating in the Nineteen Northern states of Nigeria.

Below is the full Communique issued at the end of the meeting:

3rd October 2021


To All Media organizations

The Conference of Northern States Civil Society Networks is a forum of states based civil society organizations (CSOs) - coalitions/networks - operating in the Nineteen Northern states of Nigeria. The platform was initiated and birthed on 28th March, 2021 as a regional network on non-governmental, non-partisan, not for profit, non-ethnic and non-religious organizations, with the sole objective of facilitating best practices of democracy, accountable governance and advocating for more development of Northern Nigeria and beyond through policy influencing, cooperation and team work.

The group brought together the various civil society networks operating in the Nineteen Northern States under a common umbrella, with a clear focus of promoting synergy among different states-based networks, to collectively aid in achieving socio-economic, political, infrastructural and sustainable development in the region and Nigeria at large.

Other areas of the group spotlight includes: advocacy for political accountability, campaigns against corruption, complimenting state actors efforts to address insecurity challenges and other socio-economic and leadership problems militating against the prospects of the region and the Country. The group is also determined to support relevant state actors to provide sustainable solutions to all challenges of development in the region.

The Network intends to bridge the communication gap among different civil society groups operating in different states of the region, to promote networking, information sharing and support one another in our various states for enhanced skills to demand for political accountability in leadership to mitigate the effects of development deficits and backwardness in some states of the North. This we believe can be achieved by giving due attention to some critical sectors of development, such as agriculture, education, and commerce among others.

The Network is also determined to establish partnership with relevant and willing development partners to build capacities and engage local organizations and relevant structures to effectively and efficiently implement programs, projects and activities to ensure that resources are judiciously utilized and channelled towards serving the needs of the citizens in the region.

On the 28th September, 2021, representatives from the 19 Northern States Civil Society Networks and Coalitions who are bonafide members of “Conference of Northern States Civil Society Networks” converged at Tahir Guest Palace Kano metand officially inaugurated the Network, held discussions and set an agenda to kick start the activities of the Network.


The Conference members unanimously agreed to work to achieve the following objectives amongst others:

  1. To provide a platform for co-operation, co-ordination and collaboration among States based CSOs (Networks and Coalitions) in the Nineteen Northern States.
  2. To support and complement one another in amplifying our voices to ensure an effective engagement on issues of Northern Nigerian development.
  3. To create a synergy amongst CSOs in the North in the pursuit of common agenda for the development of the region and Nigeria at large, to ensure a better society for the Nigerian Citizens.
  4. To build a strong platform of CSOs that could effectively engage all relevant state actors to address the challenges of maladministration, such as impunity, corruption, embezzlement and misuse of public funds and resources diversion in the Nineteen Northern states of the region and Nigeria at large.
  5. To engage in research and documentation on projects, government programmes, policy and legislation as they affect the nineteen Northern States for possible engagement.
  6. To create a platform that could serve as a think tank in collaboration with other willing individuals, institutions and bodies on policy and legislative advocacy to provide technical expertise and direction to complement states actors mandate in designing development agenda or programme for the region.

Similarly, the leadership for the Conference was elected, and the following persons emerged as the management team, and formally inaugurated to lead the Network:

  • Chairman: Ibrahim A. Waiya –Kano Civil Society Forum, Kano State
  • Vice Chairperson: ShimenengeKyaagba –BENGONET,Benue State
  • General Secretary: Amb. Ibrahim Yusuf – Associationof NGOs, Gombe State
  • Publicity Secretary: Hon (Dr) Usman Buhari – Coalition of NGOs, Kebbi State

Standing committees

  • Legal Committee: Barr. Mwalin Naomi Abdu, Gombe State
  • Welfare Committee: Pastor Ade Bodunde, Kwara State
  • Finance Committee: Abdurrahman Abdullahi, Katsina State
  • Membership Committee: Comrade MusbahuBasirka, Jigawa State
  • Partnership Committee: Dr. Gimba Joseph, Taraba

Participants at the Meeting:

  1. Jinjiri J. Garba, Bauchi State Network of Civil Society Organizations
  2. Hon. (Dr.) Usman Buhari Ali, Coalition of NGOs in Kebbi State
  3. Pastor Ade Bodunde, Kwara NGOs
  4. Titus Aloge, Kogi NGOs Network (KONGONET)
  5. Habila Muhammad Kudu, Network for Peace and Inclusive Development, Niger State
  6. Bako Abdul Usman, Campaign for Democracy, Kaduna State
  7. Adams Thomas, Youth Renaissances and Transparency Initiative
  8. Mrs. Shimenenge Esther Kyaagba, Benue NGOs Network(BENGONET)
  9. Seer Daniel – New Fellowship new Africa Initiative, Benue State
  10. Abdulrahman Abdullahi, Coalition of CSOs in Katsina State
  11. Dr. Joseph Gimba, Coalition of CSOs in Taraba, Taraba State
  12. Barr. Mwalin Naomi Abdu, Advocacy Centre for Development, Gombe State
  13. Obadia Joseph Anji, Nassarawa NGOs Network (NANGONET),NassarawaState
  14. Muhammad Musbahu Basrika, Jigawa Civil Society Forum, Jigawa State
  15. Emmanuel Bonet, Concerned Civil Society, Kaduna State
  16. Ibrahim A. Waiya, Kano Civil Society Forum (KCSF)
  17. Ibrahim Abdullahi Shuni (Virtual), Coalitions of NGOs, Sokoto State
  18. Mr. Hassan Tijani Hassan, Kano Civil Society Forum.


Ibrahim A. Waiya, Kano Civil Society Forum (KCSF)

Chairman, Conference of Northern States Civil Society Networks.