Agenda 111 mantra: Ghanaians must hold Akuffo-Addo to his word

Feature Article Agenda 111 mantra: Ghanaians must hold Akuffo-Addo to his word
SEP 2, 2021 LISTEN

In this last term of president Akuffo-Addo, I hope the agenda 111 mantra which was quite recently greeted with pomp and pageantry is not again another political sloganeering for 2024. It appears the ruling NPP government has deeply fallen in ‘love’ with the use of number one (1) under the regime of Akuffo-Addo, e.g., 1V1D (1village1dam), 1D1F (1district1factory), 1C1M (1constituency1million$), and 1A1C (1ambulance1constituency).

The above ‘1-promises’ made by Akuffo-Addo are seriously struggling to see the light of day under his watch and I doubt the sustainability of these overhyped promises which were meant to win votes and later find different reasons to justify them e.g., a few dysfunctional dugouts in the North for 1V1D, reviving some existing companies for 1D1F, building of toilets as part of 1C1M and buying of ambulance and turned that later into 1A1C.

Apart from the 1-promises, other public announcements of 350 new senior high schools and recent 88 hospitals are nowhere to be found as well as capture and release of the Ghana cedi by the vice president, Dr. Bawumia. No satisfactory explanations whatsoever were given to Ghanaians why the 350 schools have not been built and escape of the Ghana cedi from the IGP’s office when Dr. Bawumia is still holding the economy keys.

Ghana’s fledgling democracy requires genuinely committed political leaders to execute social contracts between their parties and Ghanaians who vote them into office to serve them but not to oppress or lord over them. The political shenanigans and overhyped promises made by the NPP party to win political power and then virtually go to sleep on the job including areas such as corruption fight, provision of social amenities, nepotism, insecurity, etc. is a big worry for many Ghanaians including myself. Ghanaians deserve better!

Based on the above wobbly projects emanating from the 1-promises and other sod-cuttings under Akuffo-Addo, many objective Ghanaians are well justified to be highly pessimistic of the completion of Agenda 111 which seeks to build 111 hospitals within 18 months! One does not need to consult a soothsayer or a prophet to sense that Akuffo-Addo may take Ghanaians for granted because there is even higher tendency for him now not to commit to this good promise as he is no more seeking for votes from Ghanaians.

It is therefore highly imperative that Ghanaians hold Akuffo-Addo strictly to his word and remind him to ensure that the 111 hospitals are constructed for use within the next 18 months of his presidency. As the adage goes a good name is better than riches and I surmise the president would like to leave behind a good legacy but not a stinking legacy for future generations to learn about him. Ghana is the only country we have, and our political leaders should be mindful of this and provide responsible leadership for those who put them there in the first place.