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The Next Frontier - Part 9

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The Next Frontier - Part 9
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European white Man: "The once that had made it into our societies struggle to make it. They can see what we left behind is coming down small by small...but surely coming down. So they want to keep what they enjoy as of now all for themselves. They have no interest to stand together in solidarity and help the people of their bloodline. I hear they close their borders and Africans drown in the Mediterranean Sea...terrible pictures I saw the other day."

European White Man`s wife: "But we left the system for them behind and vibrant good functioning economies to enjoy. Now they shut themselves off from their birthplace and their brothers and sisters that come to them to live a better life."

European White Man: "What I will never understand is why they did not force the leaders back in their former homes to change and to use the knowledge of how to run a society successful but keep their open secrets all to themselves? They could put pressure on the leaders of African countries and force the citizens back home to change their attitude towards daily life."

European White Man`s wife: "The bloodline. The roots in the bloodline."

European White Man: "I understand what you try to say on one hand but not on the other. Bloodline is one aspect of their problems, yes I do appreciate this explanation, but the will, the free will every one of us is equipped with is the chance of any human and people at large to change its fate and destiny. So, why is it that African Black people do not use their willpower to change their destiny and create with their willpower a better life for all but again and again allow their bloodline, their ancestors in their soul and heart to take dominion over them while we have struggled over generations to move ahead and forward? I can see, I can hear, I can observe, I can be lectured about all these things, no problem...but my problem is...I do not understand them. As much as I have studied their minds, their talk got deep into their hearts and souls...yet I have honestly to admit I am defeated as I do not understand them going round and round the same old misery inflicted by their minds on each other."

European White Man`s wife: "Yes, they have a free will like us to think better and make better decisions from generation to generation. To do this, you must be free from the blood that is in you."

European White Man: "What does that mean? It is a contradiction."

European White Man`s wife: "Not really. When someone is among others and also in big numbers he cannot be isolated from the mind of old folks thinking again and again in the same rhythm of destruction. When you are among people having the tradition inherited of jealousy again and again with a pulling down of successful people the only way to think independently is by separating yourself from your bloodline and live a life in isolation from your family. After years of standing alone by being alone, your mind will gradually change and be open to new ideas. This path to intellectual freedom demands emotional and spiritual stability and more so strength. In societies where individuals financially and culturally and emotionally by tradition depend on each other to be close to others to bring out such independent personalities is hard to do. No wonder that respect for others in such societies are based on fear, fear because harm can come to you and you can get punished by higher authorities and when left alone by your friends and family your survival might be at risk. While in our societies we do not have that fear the same way for which reason we have set up various systems to make us independent in our thinking. This made us understand once we support each other in our talents the one that is not talented enough and has no power o fight is ideas through odds until success shows itself even this person will be helped as one day payback time will surely come."

European White Man: "I get you. I hear you. But my problem is still not solved."

European White Man`s wife: "Which is?"

European White Man: "I do not understand them at all."

European White Man`s wife: " are not alone. Many white people do not understand black people. We live side by side wondering about each other all the time. There is not much you can do."

European White Man`s son: " look at it!"

European White Man: "A silver strange it looks."

European White Man`s son: "Open it...please open it. I can`t."

European White Man: "Someone has attached a small but powerful rocket to it. It seems one of the old small rockets we had left behind on earth. That is funny."

European White Man`s son: "Daddy...please...I cannot wait to see what is inside."

European White Man: "It is a paper with something written on it. To me it looks like what we as kids use to do, putting a paper into a bottle sending it off while throwing it into the ocean."

European White Man`s son: "Let me hear what it reads, Daddy!"

European White Man: "To whom it might concern. We here are a group of young people from the country of Ghana. We are the youth, the future. For the past years, we have seen nothing good in our country. Even our people that live in the paradise of the white man block us from entry. They want to chop and enjoy all the benefits the white man had left behind not minding us at all. We are suffering here. We have no jobs, nothing. We are university graduates but still have no jobs. When we try to make ourselves independent and open our own companies there is no one there to help us. Yes, we know you have certainly gearheads tears crying for generations as we are not the first generation with empty stomachs and angry minds. Our leaders are not correct. It does not matter which party they are from. They all have contributed to our current situation. We had constitutions over constitutions, so and so many Republics, yet nothing has changed. And we are getting more. The number of people in our country keeps increasing each year. Our natural resources have been exploited a long time ago with no income for the nation from this part of our national blessings. But it is not only for us that we cry, it is also for our future children and their children. And it is not only for our youth that we cry and are close to breaking down emotionally and spiritually. It is for all Africans on this beautiful continent which is still so very much divided. Words spoken in the past of African Unity has not come to pass as we do not trust each other across borders as we know who we are as a people. Now that the white man has left us we cannot even trade with him but are left to trading with the blood that does not trust us anyway. They live in the white man`s world knowing us and so business with Europe and other continents have collapsed. We are really in greater problems than we used to be before you white people left the earth to establish a better and better life for yourself somewhere in the universe. We beg of you and ask for your mercy please come back and help us as long as we cannot help ourselves. We are suffering too much. We pray to God that one day someone in the universe will find this notice and will listen to our cry. Please, please come back and help as the secondborn child from God. You can never forget about us as we are all brothers and sisters from the same God having to stand by each other's side always. We trust in God that he will not allow us to be finally separated but will always bring us together if not in unity at least in understanding and help. May these words touch your hearts and enter your souls as we pray to God always. Amen."

European White Man`s son: "What does not mean...Daddy. I do not get it."

European White Man: "Not easy...not easy at all."

European White Man`s wife: "How can we help them...when the difference between them and us is that big? We are far away from them...very far."

European White Man: "My late father was a heavy smoker never learning to stop smoking. His lungs got affected, he had TBC and one day his left lower leg turned black. They had to cut it off to save his life. My oldest sister smokes and looks very old...even while she was still young."

European White Man's wife: "I somehow get your point."

European White Man`s son: "Does it mean we can't help them?"

European White Man: "It means that we have given them so many ideas in the past and everything is written down in so many books that more to do is... ."

European White Man`s son: "But Daddy you told me... ."

European White Man: "I told you what?"

European White Man`s son: "You told me Blacks do not like to least not much."

European White Man`s wife: "This might be the reason for no change, at last one of them."

European White Man: "You mean to sit idle in your room away from others only with an ook in your hands your mind inside it and inhaling the truth that can be found in it...this could be a stepstone of success for our African brothers and sisters?"

European White Man`s wife: "At does not do any harm to them and has a good chance to separate them from their bloodline...small by small."

European White Man: "After all thinking is for free and actions only need a bit more pushing through obstacles...that`s all."

European White Man`s wife: "Maybe we need to show them the way by example."

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