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Steaman Group: The Ever-So-Respectable New-Face Of The Old-Criminality In Ghana's Land-Grabbing-Sector?

Steaman Group: The Ever-So-Respectable New-Face Of The Old-Criminality In Ghana's Land-Grabbing-Sector?
LISTEN JUL 29, 2021

I had a jolly good laugh, when I listened to a voice-recording, which the eldest of the younger generation that now controls our family's extensive all-freehold landholding portfolio, in the Eastern Region, forwarded to me yesterday. We have owned Thompsonakura, Kyekyewre, since 1933, when it was purchased, surveyed and registered as a freehold property, at the Deeds Registry, Christiansburg, by my late grandfather, P. E. Thompson Esq.

We are major stakeholders in Akyem Abuakwa - because we are the largest freehold landowners in all of Akyem Abuakwa: with an Osiem-royal-heritage, on top too.

Furthermore, we have been in unbroken occupation, since Thompsonakura was purchased in 1933, and, above all, it has never been sold before - yet, today, the arrogant rogues who own the Steaman Group, claim their company owns our registered freehold property, and are warning us to stop our project there. Meanwhile, we are talking to overseas investors, as it happens. Monstrous.

Those arrogant morons don't know it yet - but they have bitten on more than they can chew. The thieving-sods. It would appear that today, the smartest land guards, and other menacing-type demographics, which rob with violence, in broad daylight, across our homeland Ghana, are now going digital.

Hitherto, they used brute force to take over targeted-registered lands, which they zeroed in, on, because they felt that they could take them over, successfully, without much resistance, from their scared legitimate owners. Today, they are deluding themselves into thinking that going digital, with fancy websites, is the smart way to enable them get around the stiff penalties, outlined in the new Land Act 2020 (Act 1036). Fools.

That delusional rep of the Steaman Group's voice, in the said recording, sounded very much like that of a brutish myrmidon-thug-employee, of the murderous gangsters, who run super-ruthless criminal syndicates, which specialise in steal privately-owned registered lands, with the help of bribed public officials. They are in for a rude shock. We will expose them - together with all the corrupt public officials they have bribed to steal lands belonging to law-abiding folk, for yonks. Soon. Sarjewah.

That sodden uncouth-semi-literate's voice oozed controlled malevolence, and, doubtless, isn't the kind of chap one would want to bump into, at night, if one is a landowner, whom his bosses want eliminated, physically, to enable them gain control of his or her registered land. No. No. No. Not under any circumstances. Cool.

Finally, perhaps the question we must ponder over is: Is the Steaman Group, the ever-so-respectable new-face, of the old-criminality, in Ghana's fast-growing land-grabbing sector? Judge for yourself, dear reader. This is the link to the Steaman Group's smoke-and-mirrors website:

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