Wed, 23 Dec 2020 Diaspora (USA)

African Life Centre offering helping hand to African community in the Bronx

  Wed, 23 Dec 2020
African Life Centre offering helping hand to African community in the Bronx

With the world facing an unprecedented time. Shelter, food and even health menace has suddenly become a burden more than it used to be.

In USA, the African community is faced with ongoing challenges of accessing resources especially with those in dire need. Increasing the chances of the youthful population of becoming delinquent in the society. People are faced to make hard choices, for example between food and housing. The community becomes vulnerable to increasing challenges to attain quality living standard.

According to reports, the Bronx borough in the City of New York has the highest number of African immigrants in the United States of America. The New York City records more than 100,000 African immigrants calling the Bronx home. This number is far from reflecting the real figure of African immigrants living in the Bronx.

While the number of the underserved rises regularly, there are organisations putting their best to curb the unhealthy state of the enclaves where Africans reside. Guiding them in accessing their basic needs, such as housing, health services, quality foods and advocating on quality education for their children.

African Life Centre (ALC), a nonprofit organization is among the few that is unable to meet demands to provide direct services health, legal and social services to improve the lives and well being of members of the African community in the Bronx. Though, not without their own space, they manage to find space to carry out their activities serving the people.

According to the executive director, Ramatu Ahmed, the organisation rely majorly on the help from external bodies to exercise their own services.

"African Life Centre is determined to continue with providing quality services to the people. Your charitable contributions are needed and will help ALC acquire its own community permanent facility, where the people of African Descent would be able to access health, legal, housing and other social services,

"This will unlock their potential to achieve their individual goals while collectively contributing to the American society of whom they are an integral part," she said.


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