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18.12.2020 Feature Article

Today is Elections Day, Vote wisely

Today is Elections Day, Vote wisely
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Today is Elections Day. Elections have consequences. Don’t be a victim of a bad vote. You voted in 2016 to bring an incorrigible President. Today, you know he is the mother serpent of corruption.

You voted in 2016 for a government who will fight corruption. Today, this same government is fighting corruption. All institutions fighting corruption has been neutralized. You voted in 2016 for a government who criticized a previous government of being family and Friends. Today, you have a government that has over 60 members of his family and friends in government. And these family and friends are involved in every criminal and thievery activities in the country.

In 2016, you voted for a government that criticized a government of 84 ministers. Today, you have a government of 125 ministers, some of them don’t even know their functions. Clearly, it is a matter of job for the boys.

The next government of Nana Addo will pass the Agyapa Royalties stinking deal. The next government of Nana Addo will introduce homosexuality into our schools and that is scary.

The next government of Nana Addo will bring back the law banning the importation of used cars and spare parts. Corruption in the next Nana Addo government will be like the days of Kalabule, where you can’t be in the government if you are not either corrupt or a thief.

I have told you what you were told in 2016 but now have what is in your hands. I have also told you what to expect in the next government of Nana Addo in very simple terms. This is all I can say, that be very careful as you cast your vote today.

Elections have consequences. Don’t call or write on social media that you made a mistake voting for Nana Addo like what Manasseh Azure, A-plus, IMANI and others are doing now. Some of us warned them but they were blinded for power. Cast a wise vote today. Vote for John Mahama and the NDC. They are number 2 on the ballot. A vote for JM and the NDC is a vote for yourself. Aba no, Mahama afa.

Lawrence Appiah-Osei

Lawrence Appiah-Osei
Lawrence Appiah-Osei, © 2020

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