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20.09.2020 Opinion

Open Letter To Sammy Gyamfi

By Daniel Adomako
Open Letter To Sammy Gyamfi
LISTEN SEP 20, 2020

Dear Sammy Gyamfi,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and common sense.

I read a post on your Facebook wall a while ago where you state categorically that the Communication Bureau of the NDC which you lead has no intention of reappearing on award-winning Kokrokoo aired on Peace FM 104.3. Ordinarily, I would have no qualms with your decision, after all, it's within your inalienable rights as a party to decide on what you want to do, no matter how injudicious it may be.

I'm however unable to overlook this particular post of yours because of two things: the sheer hypocrisy you exhibit and persistent attacks on the host and his show. As I indicated in my letter to you(published on Facebook) on May 6, 2020 after your amateurish, shambolic and nonsensical boycott, I remarked, "Kokrokoo is the primus inter pares of all political talk shows in Ghana."

What I said remains unchallenged. The host of Kokrokoo, Kwami Sefa Kayi who you've made your punching bag is a broadcast journalist and MC par excellence. You come nowhere near him in terms of credibility, integrity, reputation or whatsoever.

And if it's the venerable Abdul Malik Kweku Baako that you're desperately seeking to discredit, then you have a long way to go because you won't survive it. Trust me!--somebody who your party founder, Jerry Rawlings himself and other bigwigs in the NDC could not silence? Gracious me! "Lickle bwoy"[ Patois], you can hug the nearest transformer, if you don't understand, because NO amount of MUDSLINGING from you or your apologists can soil Bombay's integrity! YES, you read me well!!

You see; the Akans have a proverb that says, "woyɛ woho barima beberee a, yɛko gya wo." To wit, he who sees himself too much of a man is always defeated in a fight. Need I remind you that many Communication Officers of the NDC have come before you? Certainly, you're not the first, neither will you be the last--you must always be guided by this fact. From the look of things, your inherent bloated ego and arrogance will definitely lead John Mahama and the NDC to another catastrophic defeat come December 7, 2020!

Isn't it even curious how you're able to quote verbatim from discussions that transpire on the very show you and your apologists have boycotted, to the extent that you sometimes use excerpts of video footage by panelists on the show to make a case on social media? Is that witchcraft or what?

It's quite sad and unfortunate how a young man of 30 years can be that braggadocious. Very acidic and corrosive mouth and fingers-spewing and typing of intemperate language is now your hobby. SMH! As for the NDC sycophantic cheerleaders who glorify your political shenanigans, the least said about them, the better!

The Hypocrisy: I've attached a video footage of you begging Chairman General Kwami Sefa-Kayi (virtually on your knees) so as not to be sacked from Peace FM studio after you told a BIG FAT lie against him earlier this year. Watch it and tell the whole world who you are. Nice weekend!

Assalamu alaikum.

Sir-Obama Pokuase

No. 345 Baobab Street

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