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Eat Vegetables, Boost Your Immune System To Fight COVID-19--NCCE Advocates

Eat Vegetables, Boost Your Immune System To Fight COVID-19--NCCE Advocates
LISTEN JUL 11, 2020

The human immune system is made up of different organs, cells, and proteins that work together. The immune system of every human protects the body from germ invaders.

These include germs such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi) and toxins (chemicals made by microbes).

It is in this direction that the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) is advocating for the cultivation and consumption of more vegetables to help boost the Immune System to withstand the Coronavirus.

The Sissala East Municipal Director of the NCCE, Mr Hussein Elyasu, has given this advice to the residents of Sissala East Municipality in the Upper West Region.

This was when he engaged tailors and dressmakers, business centres, religious groups, youth and women groups as well as community members within the Municipality at a COVID-19 Awareness Exercise.

The focus of the various engagements was on the need for them to protect themselves from contracting the virus and also help to prevent its spread in the country.

Mr Elyasu said consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits was effective and efficient in boosting the immune system according to health experts and advised the people to take full advantage of their water bodies to ensure their cultivation to make it available for all.

“Some of the vegetables could be sold and the proceeds used to buy Personal Protective Equipment such as face masks since many people are complaining of not having money to buy the face masks”, he said.

Mr Elyasu cautioned the people to also endeavour to observe the safety protocols by washing their hands regularly with soap under running water, observe social distancing at their workplaces and worship centres.

He also encouraged them to visit the nearest health facility if they experience any of the symptoms of COVID-19 for early treatment and admonished them to stop any form of stigmatization of persons infected with the disease.

The Director noted that the seven cases of COVID-19 recorded earlier in the municipality should be a wakeup call on all and sundry to take personal responsibility in safeguarding themselves and others from the disease.

He expressed profound gratitude to the COVID-19 Trust Fund for making resources available to the NCCE to educate Ghanaians on the world's most deadly pandemic.


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