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29.06.2020 Feature Article

Election 2020 is an African affair and not a narrowed partisan power and interest.

Election 2020 is an African affair and  not a narrowed partisan power and interest.
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The choices in the upcoming elections must be brilliant and explicit to fit the agenda of the continent to attaining Economic freedom for her citizenry. EFF-GH.

I come to tell you the Ghanaian youth who is fighting for TRANSFORMATION of our country.The youth that is worried about corruption,the exploitation of the masses.The Ghanaian who is leaving in fear owing to the unprofessionalism of our security systems.I am speaking and awakening that citizen,who is tired of the insult of a campaign promise from the major political parties.

I am standing on behalf of Ghanaians,whose taxes are mismanaged ,to paying the elephantine appointees of government, who does absolutely and absurdly nothing but self centered and partisan workers.

I am advocating for the Ghanaians,whose roads,schools and hospitals were promised in campaign times, to be fixed and also to build new ones.Now the rains have started and the Ghanaian can't link two towns to access Economic activities, health care and education.

I am suggesting to you ,the Ghanaian who is worried over the numerous unfulfilled promises from our greedy and egoistic politicians. I am weeping for you the Ghanaian who lost a Job because of the mischievous and mediocre policies and actions of government.

Ghana is not at peace owing to failed Economic management.The government of the day is uneconomical and looting the state capriciously.

The time is now,Wake up from that pain and partisanship.Wake up from that party and ethnocentric partisanship form of choosing leaders .Is time to make a bold decision ,a decision that will give you and the masses an Economic freedom.

Boycott the NPP and NDC in the coming election.Vote out the NPP and never make a mistake to bring the NDC back .Hold your power or give it to a communism party.Do this and stop the thieves from stealing from the masses .Do this to give yourself and the masses Economic freedom.Do this to avert international stealing from the masses by our leaders, through IMF,world Bank and the likes .Do this to stop corruption.

Arise youth and people of the African continent.The time is here for us to form a United front and liberate our continent.Lets cause every capitalist and imperialist leader in our country to fall.In every elections in the continent,lets elect leaders who have African unity at heart .Leaders who love Africa and pushes the agenda of African unity like Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah and other African leaders did .

Arise,let's preach African unity and strive for Economic freedom and security .Let's support made in Africa goods and industries,to revamp and give life to our Economy and currency .

Stopping the corrupt and incompetent African misleader,is to stop corruption and all manners of mismanagement and the exploitation of the masses.

Let's rise and say Enough is enough.Africa must unite so let's all work in line of uniting our continent.

2020 elections in Ghana should be in favor of Africa but not the narrowed interest of the Ghanaian politician.

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Anthony Akudago
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