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26.06.2020 Religion

Religious Advocate Calls for Annual Sacrifice On Independence, Republic holidays

By Evans Boateng
Religious Advocate Calls for Annual Sacrifice On Independence, Republic holidays
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Religious advocate Dr. Emmanuel Acheampong Manu, popularly Known as Lord Ayass Baba has ardently noted that it is about time the country starts making animal sacrifices on Independence and Republic days.

This he believes will ensure that God will protect the country's sovereignty and also bless the citizenry.

He said if the whole nation can even rally behind Muslims during the day of animal sacrifice and dedicate it to the greatness of this country, blessings in multiform will cover the country.

“Also the two most important days in Ghana, Independence and Republic days, should have sacrifices made on those days to the glory of God, this is what the prophets did to make their nations great; animal sacrifice to God is not Satanic” he added.

He said, there are basically two groups of religions in the world...the ABRAHAMIC (SEMETIC) and the Eastern religions.

The ABRAHAMIC religions comprise, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all these religions have Prophet Abraham as their Father. Prophet Abraham is called the friend of God both in Christianity and Islam.

All these 3 religions record an account of God testing Abraham to offer his son, Isaac, according to the Bible or Ishmael according to the Quran, but the two scriptures agree on the fact that Prophet Abraham passed the said test and so God rather present him with a RAM to be sacrificed in place of his son.

This act by Prophet Abraham was actually ordered by God to be made for him, after the sacrifice, God blessed Abraham and made him great.

“This act of the prophet is what has been passed on from generation to generation and we see Muslims doing same every year” he said.

“Find how the Bible and Quran wrote about the account of the sacrifice of Prophet Abraham, Genesis 22:1-19, Quran 37:102-110”.

He said sacrifices are mystical acts that do away with evil, obstacles and suffering, it must be noted that sacrifices have nothing to do with a person's salvation

“Bad omen and even premature death are prevented by making sacrifices; this is like a spiritual formula which the prophets of old practiced regularly. Prophets David and Solomon performed sacrifices for various purposes.

Prophet David performed sacrifices to prevent people from being killed by the ARK OF COVENANT. It can be recalled that, THE ARK OF COVENANT killed a man when he touched it and Prophet David made that sacrifice to prevent such incidence from happening. Find how 2 Samuel chapter 6, 2 Chronicles 6:7- 13 made the presentation.

Prophet Solomon, following the steps of his father David as has been laid down by God for his people, also performed sacrifices with the priests when he was consecrating the great temple of God. He made a lot of animal sacrifices and prayed to ask for blessings of God for the temple. God readily answered by sending fire to consume the sacrifices, 2 Chronicles 5:5-6.

He said many other forms of sacrifice, which includes fruit, grain, and water and alcohol sacrifices were also made. God requested sacrifices from Cain and Abel, and we know Cain sacrificed lean animals and Abel presented fresh fruits. This is a lesson that God accepts animal or fruit sacrifice as an offering but it should be in good nature and from a pure heart.

He said those who are against sacrifice buttress their points on the fact that the blood of Jesus has done everything for us.

According to him, the esoteric essence of the sacrifice of Jesus was to realign mankind to the spiritual evolutionary ladder and this is what we call salvation

“It must be noted that Jesus never condemned the sacrifices made for him when he was 8 days old in the temple, Luke 2: 21-24” he added.

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