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14.11.2011 General News

Maury to help Bieber with paternity problem

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Apparently Maury Povich heard the cries of
“Maury could take care of this!!” in the
comments on various blogs about Justin
Bieber's paternity lawsuit, because the talk
show host is trying to report for duty.
A rep for Povich's “Maury” show tells CNN
that they're “actively pursuing” Bieber's tale
of possible parenthood. The “Maury” show is
of course infamous for its' “You are/are not
the father!” DNA test segments.
The 17-year-old star has been dealing with
recent accusations that he fathered a child
with 20-year-old Mariah Yeater after a
(according to her, incredibly brief) stolen
moment backstage at one of his shows.
Although Bieber has consistently and
vehemently denied the allegations and has
said that he's never even met Yeater, the
young woman has maintained her story.
Earlier this week she did an interview with
“The Insider,” saying that she has proof the
teen star impregnated her last October, and
the result is her infant son, Trystyn.
According to People, Bieber is planning to
take a DNA test to prove he's not Trystyn's
father. The question is, will Maury Povich be
the one who does the big reveal?

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