Jon Germain's "In my Head" Reviewed

By Richmond Adu-Poku
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NOV 4, 2009 LISTEN

Hmm, usually when I hear of celebrities who branch into music, I prepare my ears to listen to something really funny; something immature. And most of the time, true to my expectation, their sound turn out to be anything but music. This time around,

someone made a difference, someone proved me wrong, Jon Germain has crossed the line.

His song In My Head, taken off his debut album, “This is Who I am”, is a rock ballad. The song is basically the lamentation of a young man who can not get over his ex-lover, who's finally found someone who loves her the way she deserves to. Produced by kay wa, in my head matches any song in its class from anywhere around the world.

It uses the usual rock style of low tone verses and a high pitch Chorus. If given the chance to change anything in the song, I will probably just change the guitar solo in the song because to me it played with a synthesizer. Forgive me Jon and Kay wa if that's not the case but I think that aspect could have sounded a 'lil' more authentic.

All in all, “In My head” is a very wonderful song, by African standards, it's a Super-Master Piece. Nice Lyrics, on-the-point instrumentation and ooh! Have I spoken of the vocal delivery yet, oh! My God, it's “that” Good. Really smooth and gets rusty when it needs to. This is something worth celebrating.

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