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I Allowed It, Now I Hate Myself

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Auntie Betty, I am a girl of 13 and in JSS Two. A boy in my area proposed to me but I suggested we should rather be friends.

One day, he tried to kiss me but I stopped him. The next day however, he begged me and I allowed him. Now I hate myself for doing that.

Any time I remember the incident, I hate myself the more. Please help me get it out of my mind.

Worried Girl,


Dear worried girl, You feel bad after kissing him because you know it is wrong for you to do that.

Kissing someone of the opposite sex at your age is like playing with fire. This is because at your age you are easily influenced.

That was why even though you refused to kiss him the first time when he put pressure on you a little, you gave in.

In future, ensure that you are never pressurised by anyone to do anything against your will.

Since it has already happened, try to forget about it. Put an end to the relationship before it brings you more trouble.

In future make sure that you are not alone with any members of the opposite sex since that situation can cause you to do things you would otherwise not have done.

If you feel lonely, you can join a group in your church or school where you can socialise with people with good moral values.

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