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It is the responsibility of a married man to establish core values in his home. However, implementation has to be shared by the husband and wife.

Father, each time your wife says discipline should wait till you come; the children will hate you because you are the one always beating them. Core values are like the lines around the stadium. If those lines were not there, you wouldn't know if the ball was in or out. There are goal posts. If there were no goal posts, you wouldn't be able to know if the ball was above, over the bar or within the bar. Core value in a marriage means a home, a husband and wife knows what they settle for. They know what becomes of a Christian home.

It is core values that underguard your daughter's life even before she meets a boy she will court. These core values are the things you use to tell her which kind of person she can cope with. It is core value that determines who you think will marry your daughter; same thing for women. It is core value that helps you make up your mind.

A good guy that is struggling and has a vision comes for your daughter and another boy has a very wealthy family but has not done much for himself in life. They are both keen for your daughter. It is core values that makes you see the guy that comes from a broke family but has a vision, a dream and a destiny and is committed to it. It makes you to say “Excuse me, I don't care how wealthy your dad is. Thank God for you. There is a girl for you somewhere but as for my daughter; if herself and this guy, they start up together, building together, they will have a good future together”. If you don't have core values as a father or mother, the moment you smell money, you loose reason. In homes where there are no correct values, the moment they see potential suitors for their children, these are the kinds of questions they ask: “What is their family name? How much does the father have? “The response is “Daddy, his father is loaded. He has a private jet.” Daddy says: “Settled. I have heard from the Lord. You can marry”

As a man, your foreground is more important than your background. God is about the family because families reflect nations. In the Bible, you would observe that people were not classified on the basis of their colour. In the Bible, people were classified on the basis of their language, their nation and on the bases of talent. They say “and so so and so begat this and that begat this”. It means that it is important to God. That is why He is called Father. Jesus is the Son of God God is very interested in the family unit that he has committed into the hands of man to manage.

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