Mike Procter Children: Who Are They?

Lifestyle Mike Procter Children: Who Are They?
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South African cricketer, Mike Procter, whose brilliant career included 14 seasons with Gloucestershire and seven Test matches for his own country, passed on February 17, 2024 at the age of 77. Let's find out if Mike Procter had children prior to his demise in this article.

Who is Mike Procter?
On September 15, 1946, Michael John Procter was born in Durban. He attended Hilton College and participated in the Nuffield Week for Natal. In 1963 and 1964, he played for South African schools. Woodrow Procter, his father, Anthony Procter, and cousin A. C. Procter were all first-class cricket players.

His father, Woodrow Procter, played two first-class matches for Eastern Province between 1938 and 1940. Both of his parents had ties to cricket.

Mike's early interest in and enthusiasm for cricket were probably influenced by Woodrow's participation in the game. He was naturally good at sports as a child, doing well in a variety of sports during his early years.

Procter's cricket career started to take shape in his school years, when he shown remarkable talent by leading the South African school team that toured England in 1963 as vice captain. His subsequent success in the sport was made possible by this experience.

He maintained a strong connection to his family and roots throughout his life, frequently citing his parents as having had a significant impact on how he approached cricket.

Procter married tennis player Maryna Godwin.
Mike Procter Children
Mike Procter had three children before he passed: Jessica, Tammy and Greg.

The cricketer was very affectionate and close to his two children, Tammy and Jessica.

Jessica and her sister Tammy were raised in a cricket-loving household where cricket was the sport their father played with great skill. Their bond with their father was quite tight.

Procter was also key figure in Greg's early development, both in and outside of cricket.


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