Put away the strange gods

Put away the strange gods
23.01.2023 LISTEN

I. DEARLY ELECT ACCORDING TO THE WILL OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, if we must pursue, capture and take possession this year, then we must put away the STRANGE GODS that are among us. Do away with the STRANGE GODS that are hindering your faithful services to God. PUT AWAY THE STRANGE GODS WHICH ARE BREAKING YOUR FAMILY APART.

II. MY DEARLY BELOVED SISTER AND BROTHER, do away with that strange god which is devouring your finances. That strange god is the source of the problem, put it away. Then Jacob said unto his household, and to all that were with him, PUT AWAY THE STRANGE GODS THAT ARE AMONG YOU. That STRANGE GODS is the cause of the delays. YOU CANNOT MOVE WITH STRANGE GODS IN YOUR BOSOM.

III. PRECIOUS FRIEND we cannot achieve great success in 2023 with strange god. Put it away and be clean. This year let us draw nigh to God, and HE will draw nigh to us. CLEANSE YOUR HANDS YE SINNERS and purify your hearts, ye double-minded. We must wash our hands. WE MUST PURIFY OUR HEARTS. FOR GOD WANTS TO DO GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS WITH US THIS YEAR.

IV. BELOVED we must change our garments in 2023. Let us put away that old filthy garments. Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments and stood before the angel. And he answered and spake unto those that stood before him, saying, take away the filthy garments from him. And unto him he said, Behold, I have caused thine iniquity to pass from thee, and I WILL CLOTHE THEE WITH CHANGE OF RAIMENT. This is DIVINE GRACE AND FAVOUR MESSAGE sent forth through the Authority and Power of Christ Jesus and serve brethren through God's Vessel Francis Ameyibor, Yes! We need a change of garment for 2023.

V. 2023 MY DIVINE YEAR TO PURSUE, CAPTURE, AND TAKE POSSESSION - We must change our garments

REF: Genesis 35:2&3;
James 4:8
Zechariah 3:3&4
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Source: CDA Consult II Contributor