Pay the price! Don’t be profane to miss the ultimate good!

By Michael Sarfo Kantanka
Opinion Pay the price! Dont be profane to miss the ultimate good!
DEC 24, 2020 LISTEN

This message has been on my heart for fellow young people for sometime now. I have been talking about Time and Chance for quite a number of times and so I believe it is not out of place to build on that solid foundation…

Note, there is a price to pay for every status in this life and actually, I am convinced of one truth; to refuse to pay the price for the most desirable feet, is a price in itself which would land you somewhere undesirable. Why won't you rather by the fear of God and considerations to be good to men, pay a more deliberate price for a desirable end?

It is possible and you too can do it if you'd pay attention to the few notes below.

On the streets daily, we all hustle and see many sweating, anxious, confused, broken, battered, sick, mad, perplexed, etc in search of hope, compassion and whatever means of survival they esteem per their worldview!
The rule of mammon cannot be denied by any well discerning mind! Like they say, the struggle is real! There is this seeming mad rush for scarce commodities because each one of us can only go and achieve as much as the “light/understanding” –of course it's darkness for some– they walk in, would permit them..

Truth is, there are so many divine secrets of acquisition of all we need, other than purchase by money! These are more superior means to a mere monetary transaction. Many are familiar with this but probably have not been able to figure it out to share to help alleviate others from the ever compounding frustration and confusion. For instance, a good character/reputation can land you a life transforming connection no amount of money would make possible. We have on earth, countless examples of people who have had so much wealth bequeathed to them because they were good or served a rich man well. Unfortunately, our world is full of young wannabes who feel too big to serve others yet want to live so big to be served! Awerɛhosɛm! Remember a Good name is rather to be chosen over riches in Proverbs? These are faithful sayings you cannot live without paying heed to.

My very few decades around have exposed to me, how much profiting anyone could have for being a Good Human Being, even without a fat account balance! I can still remember how my good big brother Rev Pharm. Tony G. taught me to drive years ago, with his Mercedes Benz ML 350, surely because I washed that car daily with love as my own. I was granted access to that really nice car as a young boy to the envy of some other young boys around.

At a certain stage in life, maturity would make you acknowledge the fact that a lot of traits are placed far superior to money in a count of all things pertaining to life! Do you remember Godliness with Contentment is great gain?? Get curious! and dig deeper to know what fruits make godliness of great gain. Make time to consider the traits of the human being (fruit of the Spirit) listed in Galatians 5:22

–But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 5:23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

Such exercises will build you. Don't be naive and walk about swayed by confusion and blackness of thoughts..

I'll tell you more! When the Bible says godliness with Contentment is great gain, one angle to it is, without contentment and Patience which is a fruit of godliness, you will not see or know when something good is before you! An evil eye, greed and all manner of evil take over the very spirit of anyone without contentment and godliness! Such people are oblivious of all the good things and good people before them! And the scripture says in their haste, they shall not be innocent! You cannot make any great gains with a heart that is in a hurry!

Proverbs 28:20 A faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent.

Learn to wait for your time and chance with vigilance and sobriety to avoid falling prey to that wicked devil, who is out there roaring like a lion to devour your joys in this life! Don't be lofty in eyes being moved about with and after satan's enticing vain glories! Our Master Jesus was presented with better earthly glories by satan but chose to honour God the father in heaven, making full proof of the fact that we ought to build treasures in heaven!

Many have paid prices to attain certain desirable status in this life. That makes envyings and vain babblings over other people's substance, a very foolish resort! Don't be a loser! Focus, get fortified by many sufferings, be content, don't be a stiff-necked never changing profane idiot, and live with the right reasons to solve problems for other People and to Glorify God. Perhaps that is the most practical explanation to the popular mystical biblical assertion; live in the Spirit!..Cheers!😃

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