A Man In Love

A Man In Love
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End the confusion as to whether your man loves you or not. A man in love is identified without stress. Although some men's actions may be deceitful, do not be dismayed to fish out the real dude with a pure heart filled with true love. Keep him in the chains of true love, never try to play on his mind for he is a quick discerner but a slow believer. The worst may happen if he believes what he discerns, no verdict can save you or clear up his perception about you.

Attitude and Actions

  • A man in love is a child at heart, easily persuaded. He accepts your views even when he needs not to.
  • He does things that are favorable to his lady.
  • He gives his all to his lady; a thousand dime for who can stir him up. He ignores all negative gossips about his lady. He gets angry at anything that tries to separate him from his love.
  • He opens up everything, no secret to hide.
  • When he lies in your bosom he feels comfortable and not wanting to let you go away.
  • He cherishes you and introduces you to his family and friends.
  • He builds his life around his lady.
  • He is ever ready to run through the thorns and fire as though they were lilies to keep and make her happy.
  • He becomes selfless and ready to give up anything to have her.
  • He makes reasonable time for her out of his busy schedule.
  • He forgives her and resolves issues quickly.
  • He becomes the man you want him to be because he is in love

Lydia Amponsah
Lydia Amponsah

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