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February 14, 2018 | Opinion/Feature

There's More To Life Than Academics

Ike Essoun
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I am a young man, not many years old. But since I started dealing with people, I have come across a lot of them in this life who have got stories to share--stories about their life experiences. I try to frain them about their successes and failures, and the reasons behind them.

And in all the answers I get, there is one thing that runs through them: success in life is not only about academics. Reada little down with me here; you will understand something...

"Education is the key", it is said. And we always say and repeat it without pausing to ask, even if rhetorically: "It is the key to what?" Maybe we've ever asked, and thought of some answers like: It is the key to good life, prosperity, better future, even fame, and above all, knowledge. I perfectly agree. But the truth is, even though it may lead to knowledge, without some important necessities in this life, education alone, may not lead us to success.

Education without any dream is meaningless; and education without hard work is dead. Education with big dreams and/or hard work, but without perseverance is like soup with no salt. It may produce knowledge, but not very beneficial. If an SHS student, even at that level, doesn't have any specific dream(s) in life, then it looks as if he's wasting his time. If a university graduate reads all the theories, and after the degree, does not go out there and sweat to gain, can the degree feed him? Thought-provoking...

The First, Masters and PhD degrees may secure us gainful jobs. Still, hard work resurfaces here. Without it, we may be fired. And then, Humility and Honesty would also be needful. No employer will promote a first-class employee who is corrupt, greedy, or proud. "If he cannot be corrected when he makes mistakes, why should I promote him?" Thought-provoking...

Now, the last truth: How can a man keep his ways, without the LORD? How can a youth have any good dreams, without the direction of God? How can a man succeed with hard work and perseverance, without the help of God? How can a man be honest and humble, without the Spirit of God? So it is clear that, we can dream, plan, work hard, even persevere; but without GOD, we do all these in vain. We need Him. Yes, we really need Him, in our lives.

So now, is it not plain, that we cannot succeed with only our certificates, which are produced with academics, without all these necessities? Let us ponder on these...

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