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Jan 9, 2018 | Love & Relationships

Men; It's 2018 And Still Single? This Could Be Why

Photo credit - Shutterstock
Photo credit - Shutterstock

What is confidence? It’s simply having belief in yourself and your abilities. Confidence is one of the basic requirements for succeeding in anything you venture into; without it, you will go nowhere. A confident man can walk up to any woman he likes and tell her his feelings, but a shy man low in confidence would hesitate before going, and even when he does, he’ll likely under-perform because he doesn’t even think he would pull it off with great style. If you’re lacking in confidence, you need to snap out of it, and start thinking better of yourself.

A bit like low self-esteem, but still different. A man can be confident in himself, and still be scared he could get turned down by a woman. He’s not shy or nerdy, but just feels that for some reasons, the girl of his interest may not like him. Fear is the beginning of failure; snap yourself of it, and you’ll see that there was nothing there in the first place.

I’ve seen guys who have all the confidence in the world, and have no fear whatsoever about walking up to the lady they like, but for them, the problem lies in expressing themselves eloquently when they finally do. If you think you have this problem, then, you need to work on it, before you approach any woman, because no woman would give your proposal a thought if she thinks you’re not smooth enough.

What is procrastination? It is waiting for tomorrow to do what you should (have done) do today. You may like a woman so bad, but if you do not walk up to her, and let her know, you may never get her. I know guys who kept procrastinating over making their feelings known until another guy came and swept their love interest off her feet.

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