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Women, Medicated vs Toilet Soap. Which One Is Harmful For Genitals?

By Dr Oyebade Obalola Jerry.
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Medicated vs Toilet Soap!
This is an appeal and urge to all mothers and care - givers to avoid the use of medicated soap in washing the genitals of their female babies to prevent infection. It is better to use toilet soap . The genitals of the female have useful bacteria that protect it .

The use of medicated soap could damage such bacteria , thereby causing an infection in that region . Medicated soap is meant for the skin. It is only on the prescription of a dermatologist that such soap should be used. Some (bacteria ) are important and protect the region from contacting infection, so using medicated soap on it will mean removing them.

Not all bacteria in the genital region are bad , some are very important and protect the vagina from germs . If you use medicated soap on the region , it means you are weakening the vagina’s defence system , thereby attracting infection to the region . I urge females to always use mild toilet soap when washing their genitals.

For adults, Over the years, I have found that many people aren't aware that medicated soap should not be used to clean the vaginal opening, the tip of the penis (urethral opening), or the anal sphincter.

Regularly applying medicated soap to these areas can cause the mucosal lining in these areas to become dry and unhealthy. A chronically dry mucosal lining can lead to a number of uncomfortable health conditions, such as anal fissures, lichen sclerosus, chronic inflammation, and a tendency to experience infections.

If you use soap to clean your body, you should limit its contact to your skin. Your skin is lined with sebaceous glands that secrete an oily substance called sebum, which serves to keep your skin waterproof and resistant to infection by undesirable microorganisms.

So how do you wash the vaginal opening, the penile opening, and the anal sphincter? Ideally, with warm or hot water. And when more intense cleaning is desired, you can use warm or hot salt water.

Its the best practice!!!

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