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Cape Coast HOOPS
Basketball Team in Cape Coast

Fadama Vikings
We feel strong that the success of the program is due to the student involvement in planning of the various actives

Online Gaming Community
This is the online gaming community meeting the social Networking community. A place where the online gaming community meets to share ideas and brainstorm.

SocaChat Network
A dynamic soccer site is born. There is blog, forum, fantasy soccer manager, free flash games and many more. members stand the chance of winning great prizes. and the best part is that ,its free

Football Club Takoradi
Football club Takoradi is one of the newest clubs in Ghana that has been formed. The club is looking to have a long and proud tradition with aspirations of competing in the Ghana premier league in the near future. F.C. Takoradi forward thinking bases itself on a philosophy of player development and enjoyment before results. The club focuses on the development of skills, abilities and education. F.C. Takoradi formed in 2009 by Mr. Kim GRANT, a former professional & International player for Ghana black stars. The football club and Academy are formed to honour his grandfather for dedication and work ethic helping bring freedom and independence to all Ghanaians from colonial rule till 1957. My grandfather George (PAA) Alfred GRANT was the Moses of Ghana politics because he did not live to see the Promised Land, which was the Independence he had struggled to attain. In recent years there has been a sea change in the professionalisation of the football game at a level, both on and off the field in Ghana. This new development for Western region of Ghana is set to excite new and progressive era. I am dedicated to develop my club, youth and Community football for the Western region of Ghana, where my grandfather lived and changed its vision for the future generations of Ghanaian''s. This unique project will go a long way to at least show appreciation what George Alfred Grant did for his country and believe its up to us to remember what our father, father''s went through for us to have a peace and independence.