After suffering abuse in my husband’s hand, I turned into a drunkard until God saved me life — Christiana Awuni

Hot Issues After suffering abuse in my husbands hand, I turned into a drunkard until God saved me life —Christiana Awuni
MAR 31, 2024 LISTEN

Renowned actress Christiana Awuni has bravely opened up about her experiences of domestic abuse at the hands of her husband, leading her into a dark spiral of alcoholism before finding redemption.

In an interview, Awuni recounted the traumatic experience in her life when her marriage turned into a nightmare due to relentless abuse by her husband.

Despite the severity of the abuse, she suffered in silence, concealing her pain from those around her and rejected assistance when offered.

The abuse took a devastating toll on Awuni's mental and emotional well-being, driving her to seek solace in alcohol.

Over time, her dependency on alcohol escalated, earning her the unfortunate reputation as the top drunkard in her area.

Reflecting on her downward spiral, she said, Awuni admitted to drinking excessively for an extended period, reaching a point where it seemed impossible for her to break free from the grip of alcohol addiction.

She said, “My husband could beat and drag me on the ground mercilessly to the extent that my neighbours got to know. I could also drink and sleep on the street.”

Revealing how she managed to quit drinking, she said “All I can say is that it is God who saved me because members of the Deeper life church used to visit and pray for me in an attempt to quit drinking. Interestingly, the very day they’ll pray for me is the day I’ll drink excessively more than the previous day.

“They can take me to church but I’ll visit the drinking bar right after church with my bible. Sometimes, I get so drunk that I'm unable to recall where I left my bible.

“I lost respect in the neighbourhood as a result of that. Due to this, I told myself I’m never going to touch alcohol again.

“After making that declaration to myself, I never drank alcohol till today. I used to take ‘akpeteshie’...I’m sure I’d have been dead by now.”

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Gideon Afful Amoako

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