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J Victory Resurfaces on Ghana’s Music Scene

Jubilant Tsama aka J VictoryJubilant Tsama aka J Victory

His name or face rings no bell and several people may assume that he is one of the numerous new faces on the Ghanaian music scene. But the reality is “J Victory”, named at birth as Jubilant Tsama, is a musical “methuselah” and has been making music since Adam & Eve.

At one point in his music career, he had the rare opportunity to meet up with Edward Nana Poku Osei famously known as “Hammer” at the iconic Hush Hush Studios in Accra to express a deep interest in joining the latter’s music camp – The Last Two.

Although that encounter with the eminent Ghanaian music producer didn’t yield fruitful results, J Victory and his then musical partner Hector, collectively known back then as “Tom & Jerry”, soldiered on and released some good tracks which made them quite popular on the music scene in the Volta Region’s capital town – Ho – where they were both based.

A few years later, following the separation of the music duo due to artistic differences, J Victory decided to go solo just like his erstwhile musical partner. However, no sooner had he started his solo journey in music than his promising career came to a halt owing to some constraints including sponsorship. As a result of this, J Victory decided to put his music career on the back burner to pursue other interests.

But that unplanned career break didn’t take away the melody in him. The ever tenacious musician is back on the music scene like a whirlwind, expecting everyone along with him this time round.

According to the Ho-based artiste, he was greatly inspired by the recent success of singer Camidoh, with whom he used to hang out at Mickey Myco Studios in Ho back in the day when they were both striving hard to pursue their musical dream to fruition.

J Victory says he is bringing new flavours to contemporary Ghanaian music which he hopes would endear him to music fans in Ghana and across the world. He describes his type of music as a perfect mix of different shades of music genres, crafted to appeal to music lovers with eclectic taste for music.

On the challenges of finding funding, he bemoans lack of requisite financial support for artistes, especially the up-and-coming ones. He therefore entreats corporate bodies/entities and individuals who have the financial wherewithal to invest in music talents in the country. J Victory went on to assert that talent alone ain’t enough to push artistes to the top, and that without adequate resources, it will be difficult for them to progress in their careers.

There is so much unknown talented musicians hovering around in Ghana that it could take music producers and record label owners forever to bring them all out to the showbiz limelight.

As the Bible says, “Many are called but few are chosen”. And J Victory, brimming with high expectations and confidence, strongly believes that he is among the “few” ones chosen this year to break out of the “underground” world to claim their spot in the highly competitive world of music.

Needless to say, the Ghanaian chap is quite reserved and “painfully” shy. But all those bashful traits mysteriously disappear whenever he mounts the stage to perform. It is an understatement to state that his trademark on stage is very remarkable.

Fully fired up and ready to last the distance, J Victory is highly confident that the new musical rockets he is about to launch would not fail but take him straight to the skies of fame and glory, solidly entrenching him as a universal music star.

Eugene Selorm Owusu
Eugene Selorm Owusu

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