Afrobeat is an agenda to push Africa to the world — Bakilla

By Mercy Mawufemor Agbai II Contributor
Industry News Bakilla, Ghanaian Afrobeats singer
JAN 27, 2023 LISTEN
Bakilla, Ghanaian Afrobeats singer

Ghanaian afrobeats musician and composer, Bakilla has said the influx of afrobeat genre especially in Ghana and Nigerian is a deliberate agenda to promote Africa to the world.

In an exclusive interview with Kwame Black of Accra-based Uniiq FM, Bakilla mentioned that it is not as if afro beats is the only genre in Africa.

According to her, the genre has gained Africa some recognition and exposure hence, the need to explore and harness its potential across all angles.

“It is very easy to take for granted the way Afrobeats music is spreading like wildfire, but I can tell you it is an African agenda. The whole Afrobeats genre is aimed at exposing and positioning Africa to the rest of the world, and it is not as if Afrobeats is the only music genre, but that is what is catching the vibe now, hence there is a need for us to be deliberate about it and harness the opportunities that are associated with it,” he said.

When asked where he gets his inspiration to do music, the Belgium-based afrobeat artist, Bakilla responded by saying, he has always had a passion for music since his formative years, however, the daily struggles of life that he encountered whiles growing up in the Northern part of Ghana informed his perception about life.

He added that most of his move and decision to do music is largely influenced by things he encountered growing up.

“You know I grew up in the north, growing up, one of the things I loved to do was to sing, it has always been part of me, all those who knew me and grew up with me will attest to this, however growing, life really hit me hard, I remember one day out of extreme hunger, asking God to take my life, All of these experiences shaped my life and has translated into the music I produced today.

“These difficult life moments guided me and gave me a new perspective about life, so I don’t take things for granted, my music is mostly based on my life encounters and experiences with people. So to youth out there, do what you feel is right and do not give up no matter what anyone says,” he added.

He took the opportunity to explain what his song ‘ Ghana’ was about. In a response to explaining his latest single, ‘Ghana’, he noted that the song personifies Ghana as a country, using various adjectives to depict the goodness of the country such as the beauty of the Ghanaian woman.

“If you pay attention to the lyrics in my Ghana song, you will realize that I was comparing the goodies in Ghana to the Ghanaian woman and what we depict as a country. As a way of drawing the attention of the world to Ghana, I decided to do this in honour of the country of my birth Ghana,” he stated.

Bakilla is also expected to release an EP in the year 2023 as he hints of having the ‘big fishes’ in Ghana’s music arena feature on his yet to be out doored EP.